Silver water - the ancient beauty secret
 When we say the word "silver" or mentally represent it, the world is immersed in the sea exactly enchanted visions - silver moon, silver creek, silver glare, light silver, silver rain. And, of course, know that the silver - a precious metal used to produce beautiful jewelry.

It is well known that silver is very fond of Marina Tsvetaeva.

However, silver is not only decorates, but treats and presents the beauty of the women may have the same refined and bewitching as moonlight.

Silver - malleable, ductile metal, responds well to treatment. It has brilliant white color, has a very high reflectivity up to 95%. It can be whatever you like twist, roll out a thickness of tissue paper and pull the wire in gossamer-thin. It dissolves in nitric and sulfuric acids concentrated.

Pure silver is mainly used for silvering articles of base metal. For jewelry is used only in the form of alloys, usually copper.

In addition to jewelry made of silver tableware, candle holders ...

 Silver water - the ancient beauty secret

In ancient Persia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, the silver along with gold was monetary material.

And in Babylon and Assyria, which was a cult of the moon, silver was considered a sacred metal.

But until the middle of the II millennium BC. e., according to archaeological findings, the silver was a rare metal.

In Ancient Egypt, the silver brought from Syria.
The ancient oriental ornaments from silver contain a high percentage of gold.

Already in ancient times, people knew about the cleaning, disinfecting and healing power of silver.

Herodotus in his writings, describing the campaign of the Persian king Cyrus in the V century BC. e., he wrote that drinking water for the army in sacred silver vessels in which it is not spoiled, despite the intense heat. It is now scientifically proven that silver kills bacteria.

The priests of ancient Egypt, who were healers, yet for 2500 years BC. e. for the healing of wounds soldiers of Pharaoh, received in battle, they applied a thin silver plate.

 Silver water - the ancient beauty secret

Parapsychologists say that the silver is able to reflect the emotional state of man, take and redistribute negative energy and thus purify both body and soul.

Silver spoon, if you put it in a glass of clean water not only purify the water, but if you drink the water on an empty stomach would be beneficial for the work of the stomach and duodenum.

If you constantly drink water in which there was a silver spoon or pure silver coin, you can forget all about infectious diseases.

It is useful to drink from silver dishes.

And if during the illness to wear something silver, recovery will come faster.

It is known that Russian beauties washed with ice water from a silver jug. Such washing is not only rejuvenating, toning, but also a bactericidal effect on the skin, preventing appear pimples, acne and other unpleasant rashes.

Modern science has confirmed that the silver handle with the bacteria more effective than chlorine in 4 times.

And nothing prevents us to wash a silver water. Take a glass, pour clean boiled water and put in a dark place or refrigerate. Wash in the morning and evening.

 Silver water - the ancient beauty secret

You can make toning and rejuvenating morning cubes for rubbing . In 1 cup of water with a silver add 1 tbsp. a spoonful of lemon or grapefruit juice, stir, pour into a mold and freeze.

Rejuvenating mask

1 tbsp. silver spoon of water mixed with 1 tbsp. spoon of aloe juice and 1 tbsp. spoon of honey, stir well and apply on face in several layers. Or soak gauze and put on face for 15 minutes. Rinse with water at room temperature.

To skin looked dazzling for years You need to ¼ cup of silver water, add 1 drop of essential oil of rose (no more!).

Apply moisture to the face, neck, chest and not wash for an hour.

The course - the evening of 25 consecutive days.

 Silver water - the ancient beauty secret

To bushy hair   their useful after washing rinse the silver water supplemented with 2 drops of essential oil of lavender or rosemary 2 cups of silver water.

To get rid of dandruff   add 1 drop of tea tree.

To create the aura of sex appeal   1 drop of ylang-ylang.

The hair should dry naturally.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva