Who in the world of a mile?
 Of course, you! And help you stay a long time ... rosemary, which restores and maintains youth, brings love, strengthens the intellectual force.

The ancient Greeks considered sacred rosemary, and the Romans considered it a plant, belonging to the goddess of love. And they were absolutely right, as rosemary - aphrodisiac it is a plant that causes love and tonic drive.

Rosemary Common - Rosmarinus officinalis   - Evergreen shrub of the family yasnotkovyh. Rosemary bush grows in height from 20 to 80-100 cm. The stem is lignified. The branches are covered with long, narrow, greyish-tomentose below leaves. The flowers are small, light blue, bluish or purple. It blooms from June to August.

 Who in the world of a mile?
   In the wild rosemary grows in southern Europe, where the climate is warm and rosemary growing in the open field and can reach 2 meters in height, for example, in countries such as Italy, Spain, Tunisia, Corsica, France. In these countries, often growing in the rosemary hedges.

You can find rosemary in the Ukraine, in the Crimea, the Caucasus. In Russia in winter open ground rosemary can not because of the harsh climate, but it is often grown in apartments and offices.

Rosemary plant is not only heat-loving, but photophilous. He just can not stand water stagnation and excessive dryness. In a little rosemary requires copious watering; in the summer it is desirable to make the loggia, a balcony or export to the country. In the spring, fall and winter feels fine rosemary in a moderately cool room on a sunny windowsill. In the spring he require pruning. And since the spring and September fertilizing once a month, mineral and organic fertilizers. Every two years the bush transplanted into a new friable soil with plenty of humus and good drainage. Propagation rosemary seed, layering, cuttings, division of the bushes.

For medicinal and cosmetic purposes   used twigs, leaves and flowers of rosemary.

- The method of steam distillation of rosemary oil with rosemary get bitter, spicy, exciting flavor.

- Rosemary is indispensable in a large and noisy cities, as well relieves stress, fights depression, daytime sleepiness, weakness, attention deficit disorder, poor memory, improves digestion, and blood, has choleretic and tonic effect.

- Inside it is used for nervous disorders, impotence, and as a sedative in menopause.

- When a heavy load at work and tuition rosemary relieves mental fatigue and sluggishness, focuses, helps to memorize the text, numbers and foreign words. Gives sharpness and clarity thoughts and feelings leads to balance. It does not give clear up the emotions, blunting resentment, aggression and irritability.

- Shy, insecure people helps to cope with their doubts and fears prompts to action.

- Rosemary oil is not only the most powerful antiseptic properties, protecting against colds and flu, but also promotes cell renewal, stimulates local blood circulation.

But, perhaps, no less important is the fact that rosemary great benefit to female beauty . If you make friends with him, it will help keep youth and grooming to a ripe old age.

- Rosemary pores, removes pimples, blackheads and black smoothes uneven skin. To achieve these goals need to wash in the morning and evening decoction of dried rosemary or raw materials to add 1 drop of rosemary in water for washing in 1 cup of water.

 Who in the world of a mile?
 - At exhaustion, stress, bad mood helpful daily bath of rosemary . If you take a bath before going to sleep, but it will be difficult to sleep. In the bath need 5-6 drops of rosemary oil. Take a bath for 15-20 minutes.

- 1 drop of oil added and in daily use cream, as well as in the mask of honey - 1 drop of 1 Art. spoon. Rosemary essential oil revitalizes and dry, withering skin, restoring its elasticity, removes age spots, wrinkles and folds.

- Add butter and rosemary in hand creams for feet. It removes it and the roughness elbows, strengthens nails. To this is added rosemary in olive or other vegetable oil.

 Who in the world of a mile?
 - Hair masks rosemary   make hair fluffy, silky, manageable, removes dandruff. In addition, hair stronger and grow better. 4-5 drops of rosemary added to castor oil and rub into the roots of the hair, wear a hat and wrap cellophane head with a towel. After half an hour to wash hair with shampoo and rinse with clean water - 1 liter water 1-2 drops of rosemary oil or rosemary broth - 1 tbsp. a spoonful of dry raw materials to brew 1 liter of boiled water, half an hour, drain.

- If you instill in rosemary aroma lamp, then fall sharply after an hour the number of germs in the room. At the same time it will disappear and all the negative energy. Not for nothing in Rosemary Middle Ages Exorcist and evil spirits.

Magic rosemary
Rosemary also gives inspiration, enhances intuition. He is a great friend of all for a long time working on the computer. Only need to remember that to apply undiluted oil on the skin can not, you may burn.

And in the old days with the help of rosemary get rid of nightmares and drew a pleasant and often prophetic dreams. To do this, dry leaves, twigs and flowers were ground and soaked in a mixture of vinegar, wine and honey, and then this mixture smeared forehead.

A woman who regularly exudes a scent of rosemary, attracts men. To achieve this goal in a closet with clothes and a chest of drawers with linen napkins and we can put cotton wool soaked in a few drops of rosemary, or dry raw materials, sewn in a gauze bag.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva