Beauty Recipes from my grandmother's trunk. Part One
 If a woman does not look after themselves properly, the main cause of inattention to her calls is usually lack of time. In fact, this lack of motivation. And if she can love yourself, then the time required to find it. The second reason is called "Expensive, not enough resources." Here we can just look for a solution. We dig into my grandmother's recipes?

Our grandmothers lived through hard times, but look at old photos from their youth: the lush curls, hats, hairstyles luxurious, clean face, beautiful figure, underlined ease chiffon dresses or strict. In all circumstances a woman should be a woman, and nothing can be an excuse to return. Not to sum grandmothers zaym—Ďmsya you!

We begin, of course, hair . Even short hair requires a healthy scalp, the hair of living, the more that at any moment can come boyish whim change the image of the perky beauty with lush hair.

Grandma's shampoo

How to wash my hair? You'd be surprised, but I will say that you can do without shampoo.

- Take a loaf of black bread. Most can be cut into three or four parts, and small stogrammovuyu use entirely. Bread is necessary to crush or cut into small pieces, pour hot water so that it was only covered by it. Let bread swell, become a homogeneous porridge.

 Beauty Recipes from my grandmother's trunk. Part One
 When the mixture has cooled to a tolerable temperature, it should be applied to wet hair and wrap with plastic scarf. After 15-30 minutes, wash off everything. The hair will be clean and shiny. Irrigate have plenty of water to flush the remnants of bread. The bread mask you can add a spoonful of honey, egg yolk, a little lemon juice (for oily hair), but do not overdo. Still, the task - to wash hair. Extra ingredients can spoil the deal. Washing black bread is useful at loss, brittle hair, bad their growth.

Hair conditioner

- Natural "air conditioning" for the hair. Air - a tool that improves the structure of hair, their appearance. What is this achieved our grandmothers? The most common means for rinsing at the time - the usual warm water with vinegar. When rinse immediately felt that the hair is soft and pliable. Vinegar can be replaced by lemon juice. Water must be weakly acidic; two to three liters - a couple of tablespoons of vinegar or a tablespoon of lemon juice.

- You can moisten the hair in any beer, but after two or three minutes to wash off with plain water. Beer contains brewer's yeast, malt prepared from sprouted grains. This is an excellent food for hair growth stimulators.

 Beauty Recipes from my grandmother's trunk. Part One
 - For those who are not lazy. Prepare a herbal broth. Raw medicinal herbs is inexpensive, besides it is possible to prepare in the summer, in advance. Just a couple of teaspoons of the collection is necessary to pour a liter of water, to insist, cool to a comfortable temperature, and drain the rinse their hair after washing. This can be chamomile, burdock root, nettle, sweet flag root, birch leaves, twigs of willow and pine trees. All these natural components can become part of your wonderful balm rinse.

Hair masks

- In the Caucasus and Central Asia, the best way for the growth and nutrition of hair is considered sour milk and whey. Sour milk is applied to dry hair for a while, rinse your hair with serum heated and then rinsed with water. Here is a shampoo, conditioner and conditioner in one product.

A good mask is considered to be chopped onion. Recipes masks a lot of onion. Here is one.

 Beauty Recipes from my grandmother's trunk. Part One
 - Onion grate or chop in a blender, add a spoonful of honey, one egg yolk, a spoonful of olive oil, castor or burdock oil, pinch of ground red hot pepper. The mixture is applied to the hair, more on the roots, then you need to wrap your head with polyethylene and wrap a towel for an hour. After a wash with regular shampoo or grain mass. The mask is very effective to stimulate hair growth, heal damaged hair. The only drawback - the smell of onions, which is a long time kept on the hair. Only one way out - to use such a mask once a week, on the night before the weekend or during a vacation highlight a few days and take a course. The result is worth it.

Catering hair

 Beauty Recipes from my grandmother's trunk. Part One
 Healthy hair - a measure of the health of the whole organism. Therefore, if you have problems - loss of hair, split ends, breakage and dryness, increased greasiness of the scalp - it is better to see a doctor and get tested. If this is not possible, try to clean the intestines, liver cleanse, buy good vitamins.

- It is very good hair "inside" buckthorn. Jam made of sea buckthorn, mashed berries, sea buckthorn oil, added to the grated carrots - include in their menu, these additives. It would be beneficial for the state of your hairstyle.

- Fine teas help of cones and kidney conifers. One lump or growth handful of kidney (pine branches endings) cover with cold water, bring to a boil in a small spark and let cool brew. Drink two or three times a day for a quarter cup. By the way, the pine broth is useful not only to the hair, skin and body also feel vitamin "dressing".

Let's talk about the skin on and talk.
Author: Tamara Rozinsky