Brewer's beauty recipes
 Hops and malt is put to use
To dye hair and body!

Ale   - The most popular beverage since ancient times to the present day. The Babylonians knew the art of brewing beer as early as the 7th century BC In ancient Greece, they called beer "bread wine". Brewed beer in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, cooked Scots, calling it an ale brewed ancient Germans and Slavs. Slightly heady, foamy drink with a bitter hop aroma .... Desirable moisture on a hot day to quench your thirst ... and more. It turns out that beer has many useful qualities, and its curative effects for many diseases confirmed by modern medical scientists. Munich Beer Institute research has shown that one liter of unfiltered beer is 10 times more useful than a liter of milk. In the Scandinavian countries officially recommends medicine to use beer as an antidepressant. Beer displays the body of carcinogens and reduces the risk of cancer, other than that, this is the only drink which displays the body of an aluminum salt.

Well, that is especially important for us women, calorie beer is low - lower than that of Coca-Cola, apple juice, fruit drinks, which is added sugar, not to mention the milk. So, from beer we do not naberёm extra kilos, unless, of course, use it in reasonable quantities. From beer (no preservatives), even You can lose weight, but only for women! They explain this phenomenon by the fact that beer contains female hormones - estrogens, which increase a woman's body metabolism. And, behold, the men who get fat from it - from the estrogen metabolism they have slowed down.

If we look closely at the components of this drink, then make sure that all components are extremely useful to health: malt (barley sprouting), hops, yeast and water - nothing harmful to the body! Malt rich in carbohydrates, proteins, enzymes and minerals. Yeast - Well, B vitamins, and hops about and say nothing - it's a whole storehouse utilities. As part of hop cones have essential oils, acids, alkaloids, phenolic compounds, B vitamins Extractives hops have calming, soothing and even the disinfectant action.

 Brewer's beauty recipes

The extracts of hop cones are widely used in cosmetics and in dermatology practice. On the basis of hops, many cosmetic lines produce a range of products, especially Hair (to eliminate dandruff, strengthening) and problem skin (treatment dermatitis, acne).

The list of these components, downright suggests to us that do not use beer for cosmetic purposes - an inexcusable omission. After all, from it we can make a wonderful mask for face, hair lotions and rubbing.

Several recipes for face

Dry skin: the mask with vegetable oil and honey
Mix 2 tbsp. tablespoons light beer, 1 tsp. g of vegetable oil, 2 tsp. of honey, a little heat, stirring until completely dissolved honey, cool. On moistened and steamed face, apply a lot of circular movements. When the mask is completely absorbed, rinse with cool boiled water. This mask can be done to make up, but not later than one hour prior to its application.

• Fading skin: rejuvenating mask

Major young potato peel and grate on a fine grater, raid 2 tbsp. tablespoons light beer and stir. Apply to cleansed face a lot, cover with a damp face gauze pad and hold for 10-15 minutes, then remove the mask, wet cotton swab.

• For combination skin: nourishing mask

Mix 2 tablespoons light beer, oat flakes 1 tablespoon, 1 egg yolk, 2 drops oil of sage. Apply to face two - three layers. After 15-20 minutes rinse with warm, then cold water.

Get rid of wrinkles helps cool fresh beer foam. It should simply be applied to the skin, and after 10 minutes rinse with warm water.

For skin of hands

• Mask - mitigation and food

Cook 150 g potatoes, mash and mix with the hot beer (half a cup) of beer. Until the mixture has cooled, apply a thick layer on your hands, wrap them with plastic film (put on the package) and a towel. Keep the mask to 15 minutes.

Recipes for Hair

We all know that beer strengthens hair and stimulates their growth. Wash your hair with beer - an old folk recipe, it is very simple: buy a half liter of beer a natural, heat it to a warm state, Wash head with soap or shampoo, then apply a warm beer on your hair and rub it into the hair roots. After 10-15 minutes rinse hair with warm water. They become healthy and fluffy.

But there are also more complicated recipes.

• To strengthen the hair 1

The flowers of calendula, hops cones, birch leaf white - 1 tbsp. spoon, pour a glass of hot light beer, insist 2 hours in a warm place, filter, rub into my head.

Grind Burdock root, rhizome calamus swamp and hop cones, take all plants equally (1 tbsp. L.), Pour a glass of hot dark beer, insist 1-1, 5:00 into the warm location, filter, rub in hair roots 2 3 times a week until the desired effect.

Rye bread crumbs or peel (100 g) soak for 2-3 hours in the hot beer (0, 5 liters). This gruel evenly coat the washed hair, Close shower cap or plastic bag, tie the head with a towel and leave for 45-50 minutes. Rinse off the mask is not very hot water head and rinse with warm water and apple cider vinegar (1 hr. LA 1 liter of water). This procedure is repeated once a month.

• Dandruff

Take a piece of sage and nettle for 2 tablespoons. spoon, pour 0, 5 liters of hot light beer, heckle 1:00, filter, rub into my head every day before going to sleep for a month.

Beer SPA

It has long been baths in beer poured on hot stones. This is done because the steam beer very useful both for the skin, making it more silky, and for the entire body. It turns out the undoubted usefulness of beer for the skin and Health restoring the body took up the owners SpA salons. In the Czech Republic at the family Chodovar (Chodovar) in the town Chedov Plan (Western Bohemia), you can take a beer bath, the exact composition of which is kept secret. In addition to the bath, where the beer you can even swim, you will be offered a beer massage and beer cosmetics. Well, if you're not ready to go to "beer" resort small home SPA-salon is always possible to arrange at home.

Use simple "beer" recipes - and your hair and skin will shine with beauty and health!
Author: Olga Travleeva