Turkish bath
 Turkish bath or hamman (root word meaning "warm") is based on the use of steam and sweat. Pot toxins from the body, moreover, the pores are opened and cleaned.

To create your own Turkish bath, you will need:

• Spark (optional)

• Eucalyptus leaves or oil

• Loofah or brush body

• Deep cup or mug

• Mint tea (optional)

Close the door and any bathroom window that could be opened. Dimmed light or illuminate bath with the help of a candle. Dim light, mixed with steam, will immerse you in relaxing charm.

Try not to let the steam out of the bathroom.

Throw a couple of eucalyptus leaves or a few drops of eucalyptus oil to the water for cleansing and relaxation, as did the ancient Turks.

By the time you go into the bath room should be filled with couples. You should feel the humidity to thicken the air.

Traditionally, the head of the Turkish bath shall issue a cry to expel all the spirits in a pair. You can try to make an audible sigh, to relax the shoulders and release mind, ready to receive a bath.

Once you are comfortably in the water, take a loofah or brush and start rubbing the skin, removing dead skin cells. The steam from the water will only improve the exfoliation process.

Lower cup in a bath type water and watering of her neck, back, shoulders and arms.

Once you have done this, lie on your back and relax, inhaling the damp, foggy air. After you took a bath, sip a mug of warm mint tea, as do the Turks, of course, if it is to your liking.
Author: Ann, New York