Spoon not only for food
 What do you think, why there are spoons? Most of the answers - for food vestimo. Of course, they are right. But it turns out that the spoon is the same instrument for achieving beauty as for example, a comb, nail file, hair dryer ...

Ancient spoon certainly never dreamed, how can think of women.

A little history ...
Spoons already existed in ancient times, but they were made of wood. For example, in "The Tale of Bygone Years" spoon already mentioned as a necessary thing while eating. But the terrorists Prince Vladimir complained that eat wood, and not silver spoons. Then the prince commanded to produce silver spoons.

According to historians, the earliest silver spoons were made in Russia in the year 998 by order of Prince Vladimir the Red Sun, who is said to have believed that "silver and gold are not dobudesh squads, and with a team dobudesh gold and silver."

In the old spoon often carried with them in a special case, or just for a belt or for the tops of the boots.

Spoons for our beauty ...
In the old days, even said: "Thrifty guest does not go without a spoon" or "With his spoon on another's dinners" ... Here we also take your own spoon and begin to direct beauty. The spoon must be either silver or German silver.

 Spoon not only for food
   With help massage spoon   you can smooth out wrinkles on the face. For the procedure is necessary to allocate a special time that no one interfered and distracted. For example, a half-hour in the evening after work.
- The person must be cleaned, for example, to wash with boiled water or mineral water, put on the face moisturizer. Put in front of a bowl of cold water in which to throw a few ice cubes and a bowl of warm boiled sunflower or olive oil.
- To develop a strong chilled spoon for 1-2 minutes is applied to the eyelids.
- Then dipped in warm oil and start to massage the face - clockwise motion made forcefully against it in the form of light strokes.
- From the base of the eyebrows to the temples move the spoon.
- From the upper lip along the cheeks to the top of the ear. Alternately with one and other.
- From the bottom lip to earlobe.

Every movement first made 5 times, then brought to 10.

A spoonful of honey can be lubricated, yogurt. But the best effect is still due to the ease of sliding oil gives it.

To improve skin tone, poured two bowls of hot and cold decoction of herbs - linden, parsley, chamomile ... and spoon dipped in cold broth, then hot, alternating so hot and cold - 10 times.

After the procedure, the person rinsed with cold water or wipe with a cube of ice.

Massage neck and neck   spoons made only warm, soaked in hot oil.
- Neck massage in a circular motion from the base of the neck to the chin.
- Chest of the valley between her breasts in a circular motion towards the armpits.

After a course of massage - 10-12 times the skin becomes more elastic and smooth.

 Spoon not only for food
 Hands massage After coating of cold cream or butter with a spoon from the elbow in a circular motion, first up the inside of the arm. Then the outer side of the shoulder. If you pay at least the hands of 15 minutes a day, they are noticeably pomolodeyut.

If you want get rid of fat in the abdomen Then massage in a circular motion produces cold spoon, pre-lubricated with oil or abdomen with a special cream. First move around the navel, and then up towards the thighs.

In order to get rid of cellulite , Hips and buttocks smeared with honey and begin to massage a big spoon, massaging the inside of the thighs in a circular motion from the bottom up and top down outside. Legs from knee and up to hip. Buttocks massage itself is problematic. If you can, then ask her husband, mother, sister. Same thing with the back, which is massaged in a circular motion with a spoon dipped in cold oil from the coccyx up the spine along the edges. After this massage the skin is tightened in a natural way.

The vegetable oil can optionally add the essential oil of rose, jasmine, lavender, rosemary ... But not a drop of more than 1, otherwise you can burn the skin.

Massage is not recommended for more than 15 consecutive days. The break should be 1, 5 - 2 months.

In the summer after a massage with essential oils is not recommended to go out.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva