In the world of fine fragrances
 Inhaling the scent of roses,
The shady garden recall
And a gentle word "love" ...
(vs. N. Hungary)

Sense of smell (or the ability to smell) - one of the five human senses. Scents that surround us, are transformed into volatile images and live in the memory for years to come: the smell of blossoming meadows, mown grass, summer garden, Christmas tree, mandarin and cinnamon rolls. Everyone has their own set of odor-causing associations and reminiscent of various places, events, people.

Some scents are able to create a certain mood, the other - to stimulate our vitality, and even affect the efficiency of our operations, and others - to soothe and relax. People have long learned to use the properties of different scents to achieve the desired objectives: the aromatic oils, balms, rubbing known since ancient times. And for fun, joy, well, to be honest, masking odors were invented perfume, eau de toilette, eau de cologne.

Pyramid odors

Choosing a perfume, we often open the probe and carefully sniffed, trying to determine whether we like the smell, what emotions it evokes, whether our inner "I". Then apply a fragrant agent on the skin and smelled again. Chances are, you know, that all spirits are made up in a pyramid.

When we open the precious bottle, the first inhale pretty strong, but quickly fading scent of entry, most citrus fruits. This - the so-called top note. Then, after a few minutes into the foreground sensations out the middle note - she is the leader in the composition, but it disappears after 15-20 minutes. Finally, 30 minutes after applying the perfume to the body, the body begins to sound a note, the base (or base) odor. This final bouquet can be felt several hours, depending on the type and quality perfumes. The structure base consists of herbs, resins, musk, spices, balms (amber, sandalwood, etc.) And fixing agents.

World flavors

Conventionally all the flavors are divided into male and female. It is believed that a sharp, strong, aggressive and cold smells reflect the essence of the male and light, delicate, fruity, floral, spicy and sweet perfect beautiful half of humanity.

Often, family members of women's fragrances used in men's fragrances, as typical representatives of men's fragrances find their place in the women's scent. And in all there are 14 families of fragrances.

 In the world of fine fragrances
   • Probably the most famous type of fragrance - chypre , From the name of the island of Cyprus. Men's cologne "chypre", commonly known since Soviet times - the bright representative of this family. But chypre notes, and it is sage, lavender, oak moss, patchouli, etc., Are peculiar to women and perfume lovers will particularly appreciate their nature. An example of this can serve as a flavor Knowing by Estee Lauder - its base consists of oak moss, vetiver, sandalwood and amber in the "heart" heard jasmine, patchouli and orange blossom, and is complemented by notes of tuberose composition, rose, mimosa and plums

 In the world of fine fragrances
   • Next - popular family citrus . These scents are both male and female; include lemon, mandarin, grapefruit, nectarine, bergamot, and so on. A prime example of female citrus perfume can serve as a bright and sunny fragrance Weekend for Women by Burberry. He seemed woven of sparkling citrus and fresh green floral notes. "Heart" sounds notes of hyacinth, cyclamen, nectarine, iris and rose. Basis - cedar, musk and sandalwood.

 In the world of fine fragrances
   • Most women's favorite family of fragrances - Flower . Scents in this family include violet, carnation, rose, gardenia, lily, tuberose and narcissus. Floral perfume normally consists of a combination of several different floral fragrances. As an example, take Bvlgari pour Femme. The top note - enveloping floral bouquet with initial hints of bergamot, violet petals and orange blossoms. The "heart" - Jasmine sambac gathered at dawn (that's when its flavor is particularly tender and thin), plus notes of mimosa and sensual romantic rose-foreplay. At the heart of the Florentine iris felt aroma, musk and sandalwood mizorsky.

 In the world of fine fragrances
   • Fruit   (typically female) flavors. Scents in this family include apple, apricot, mandarin, bergamot, neroli, pineapple and papaya. These spirits are clean and fresh as a citrus fruit, soft and warm like a peach. Members of this family can be considered a Brit fragrance from Burberry, it is felt in the inner restraint and generosity of the English style. Perfumer Nathalie Garcia-Tsetto lime and almonds mixed with frozen pear to get memorable initial notes. "Heart" consists of candied almonds and white peony, and base - is a sweet mix of vanilla and tonka bean, which complements balsamic amber and mahogany wood. Famous fruit flavors - Jess by Jessica McClintock, Lauren by Ralph Lauren, Liz Claiborne and Claiborne by L..

• Oriental   (Eastern) flavors - rich, sensual and mysterious, with notes of amber, vanilla, dark chocolate, ginger and resin. A striking example - BLV Notte pour Femme - aroma, which is the epitome of the magic of the night, dark and intense as the night sky.

 In the world of fine fragrances
 • Flower-east   - Can be represented as a mixture of floral and oriental fragrances. Notes of this family - jasmine, gardenia, mandarin, freesia; Base notes of sandalwood, musk, amber and apricot. A striking example - Guerlain Samsara. In Sanskrit, Samsara means "the endless circle of life" is - a symbol of harmony, absolute unity woman and her fragrance, spiritual journey for calm, serenity and inner contemplation. Even the shape of the bottle made in the mystical red, reminiscent of the figure of the Cambodian dancers and lid similar to the eyes of the Buddha - a symbol of meditation leading to enlightenment. Top notes of citrus go in the middle of jasmine and ylang-ylang and the base is composed of tonka bean, sandalwood, vanilla and toffee.

In addition to these families more distinguished as follows:

• fern   - Aromas of oak moss, lavender and geranium.

• Green   - Rosemary, lavender, pine, juniper, hyacinth and galbanum. It's the smell of green leaves and freshly cut grass.

• Aldehyde   - Compositions which utilize aldehydes (synthesized chemical compound to enhance saturation and brightness flavors). Incidentally, the famous perfume Chanel № 5 from the famous Coco used precisely this trend. Anyway, almost all modern perfumes using aldehydes, in varying degrees.

 In the world of fine fragrances
 • Marine   - Synthetic fragrances, reminding us of the marine element, travels. Representatives of women's perfume sea - Touch of Spring by Lacoste, he is described as floral-woody fragrance-mukusny with central air and sea chords flower quince (it - the initial note). "Heart" reveals aromas of osmanthus, lily leaves and hosts. The base consists of the aroma of musk and sandalwood.

 In the world of fine fragrances
   As you have probably noticed, women's perfumes all families include floral notes, but there are exceptions. One of the few women's fragrances without floral scents designed specifically for women who are ready for change and experimentation, leading an active lifestyle, offering house Cerruti. This Image Woman, Green with spicy hints of flavor - a modern, sporty, innovative and at the same time feminine.

Each woman is unique, special and perfect. Each is inherent in its own individual charm, which I want to emphasize, to make highlight their I. And it is capable of making the correct pick up spirits. Fragrance - is a moment of happiness to which we always come back and seek a lifetime.

"There are no women who do not like spirits, there are women who have not found their flavor ..." - said the famous designer Kenzo Takada and the perfumer. Do not miss a moment of joy, get their flavor, and it will add to your life brightness and color.
Author: Olga Travleeva