Perfume in Black. Part 2: Black Petals
 The best designers and perfumers do not consider black boring and monotonous. In contrast, black - the multifaceted and ambiguous. It can be interpreted a million different ways, and it can be a reflection of anything, you just add a little fantasy. Perfumers have proved in practice that Black could even become the embodiment of every flower.

Tom Ford Black Orchid has a dizzying amber fragrance. Black Iris Yves Rocher - gentle and sweet, well-balanced chypre fragrance. Bvlgari Black jasmine smells sexual wood. Black flowers lately literally occupied perfume counters. In addition to perfume, black color may also be a decoration of your skin or the interior.

 Perfume in Black. Part 2: Black Petals
 Midnight Poison Elixir by Dior
Bottle in vintage style atomizer contains the fragrance of black roses surrounded by amber, wood and caramel. Sensual and festive fragrance designed for the modern Cinderella, which, however, does not depend on hours of relentless combat, and chooses how it be a princess.

 Perfume in Black. Part 2: Black Petals
 Love in Black by Creed
This bouquet of black accents of cassis and clove will attract the attention of both women and men - this fantastic chic violet scents. Aristocratic bottle shape and noble black color emphasize exclusivity and sophistication of the fragrance.

 Perfume in Black. Part 2: Black Petals
 Lipstick Tulipe noire by Yves Saint Laurent
This season, black became fashionable even in make-up. This is not the usual mascara and eyeliner, and an eccentric black lipstick. Tulipe noire   This shade of 149 design collection Pure Red . Intense and deep purple creates Charms effect.

 Perfume in Black. Part 2: Black Petals
 Orchid Vase by Lalique
Superb clear crystal vase decorated with black orchids - another masterpiece by Lalique. Made in the style of decadence and Art Deco, it meets all the fashion trends of the season.

 Perfume in Black. Part 2: Black Petals
 Rose Noir from Byredo Parfums
This composition is disclosed chypre rose in conjunction with ringing tonalities of grapefruit and black wood. It is suitable not only for women, but also men (and why not?) - Most importantly, to its possessor or the holder was something animal: cunning, passion, instinct ...

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Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina