Summer fragrances: the best scents for hot weather
 In the summer it can be difficult with your favorite scent. The fact that in the off-season seemed pleasant and soft loop, in hot weather can be stifling wave. The heat changes the flavor, and even very thin chord can cause fainting in the elevator. What to do? What smells perfect for a hot day?

Of course, almost everyone has a concentrated flavor there is a summer version of a mild toilet water. And this is probably the first piece of advice for choosing a summer fragrance. But maybe the summer gave you an opportunity to draw attention to other, new smells? Then use our tips.

Fewer ingredients
Avoid complicated formulations under the action of heat and perspiration are transformed already 2 hours and converted to an unexpected odor. The notes are not subject to specific changes - it's fresh, invigorating, citrus: pink grapefruit, tangerine, lime. They retain their flavor during the day and night. Choose for hot weather with the smell of any one citrus note, some are not needed.

 Summer fragrances: the best scents for hot weather
Miss Pucci by Emilio Pucci. Amazing floral fragrance with top notes of magnolia and Sicilian winter lemon, finished wood chords Texas cedar.
BLV Eau d'Eté by BULGARI. A refreshing fragrance for the summer sunshine with notes of mint and Italian lemon, cinnamon and iris absolutes.

Light floral scents
In winter, many feel that too lightly floral aromas and girly. However, the summer is one of the most attractive odors. Only if it is light. To create your own version of a light floral fragrance, you can sprinkle a little smell on the face as a tonic. Another option - flavored underwear. The third trick - add a few drops in the morning cool bath.

 Summer fragrances: the best scents for hot weather
Infusion de Tubéreuse by Prada. Tuberose from India, Italian orange and bitter orange delicately exude a playful flavor.
PureDKNY from DKNY. Floral light scent with notes of lotus flowers, Bulgarian rose and orchids, and set off a bouquet of a drop of vanilla. Feminine and simple.

Solid ball or spirits
Instead, perfumers are advised to spray in hot weather using solid or ball of perfume formulas. They are dispersed not intense enough to put them on the wrists and neck. The severity of these spirits will not, and you can use a fairly concentrated and heavy odors.

Beach rules
Generally, the perfume of the beach is not very necessary thing, and in some cases, harmful - a mix of alcohol and flavor of the sun sometimes leads to skin reactions. But if you still really want to put flavor - some advice from the experts of Glamour (American edition): Beach most suitable scents with notes of pink pepper, coconut, mint, orange blossom, pineapple and Pinacolada. The publication provides examples of typical "beach" smells:

 Summer fragrances: the best scents for hot weather
Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia, Calvin Klein Eternity Summer eau de parfum spray, Thierry Mugler Angle Aqua Chic Light eau de toilette spray, Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Capri eau fraîche.

Perfume oil-based
Such is unfortunately hard to find commercially. But, in fact, it is usually essential oils. Essential oils can be used on a hot day safely. On the contrary, when the skin begins to heat up, they start with a bang exude soft flavors. We strongly recommend to pay attention to the essential oils of jasmine, neroli, orange blossom and lily of the valley. Keep in mind that only a small touch of flavor to the skin oils.

Heavy flavors - in the evening
If Demi evening scent appropriate day, in the summer, the hotter - no. Perfumers use referred to in the heat of the evening the smell of death, it "kills" and the aroma, and its possessor. If you can not do without the rich smells, the heat is better to prepare such spirits, which are excavation notes, green, rice, sage, rhubarb, wood chords. Though they are ambitious but in warm weather appropriate. Another way out for those who are accustomed to the evening scents (perfume etiquette, by the way, is not prohibited the use of evening fragrances day) - go to summer wood smell, they are a little easier, but leave the impression of intense flavor. Here are some examples:

 Summer fragrances: the best scents for hot weather
Ralph Lauren The Big Pony Collection for Women 2 eau de toilette spray, Dior J'adore eau de toilette, Yves Saint Laurent Y eau de toilette spray, Burberry Body Mist.

Author: Vasilisa Cousin