Tea-ceremony perfume
 Sometimes life seems a series of daily cares. There is a desire to diversify the dull routine? Look around. Even in the ordinary course of tea, you can find something new and interesting. For example, make a real Chinese ceremony or go for a cup of tea on a visit to the perfumer.

Tea drinking in the city
Would you like to visit the Chinese tea ceremony? Nothing could be easier. It is not necessary to go for it in China. For several years, residents of cities that are full with all sorts of entertainment, there is another way to spend your time. In the tea ceremony, organized by all the rules, you can go to a special institution (they may be called differently). Visitors will meet a girl or a boy, dressed in national costumes. Be sure all the old traditions will be respected exactly. The ceremony will be followed by an interesting story.

This pastime is good for a romantic date, and for get-togethers in a large company. In the provincial cities of this kind places a rarity. But it is possible to organize a real Chinese ceremony at home and invite guests. On the Internet you can find a lot of interesting and useful information. Those who prefer not to mouse-clicking and the rustling of book pages, it may be advisable to pay attention to the book "The Way of Tea. Secrets of ancient tradition. " In this book the author Lam Kam Chuen tells readers about the long history of tea, different varieties, preparing tea leaves, distributing tea culture around the world, the tradition of drinking tea.

In a cup of tea to the perfumer
They turned their attention to the tea and perfumes, the result of this interest became original flavors. Perfumers artfully brewed tea, but not in the usual way, and in fine glass vials.

 Tea-ceremony perfume
 France.   Cologne water Thé Vert is familiar to fans of perfume and cosmetics brand Yves Rocher. The large volume of the bottle - an important advantage, content enough time.

United Kingdom . The British brand Jo Malone approached with an unusual order by perfumer Christine Nagel. She had to create a perfume collection, which would be reflected in the passion of the English tea. Each fragrance is served in different ways: with milk, lemon, mint and even sandwiches.

 Tea-ceremony perfume
 America . Aroma Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden has worked well. Manufacturers offer several variants on a theme green tea.

Russia . Russian perfumers do not wish to keep up with foreign colleagues. "New Dawn" has prepared a Green Tea fragrance for women and for men White Tea. Green tea and white were successful, it would be interesting to try the red and black tea.

 Tea-ceremony perfume
 Greece . Greece really all there. Greek brand Korres offers original flavor with a note of bergamot tea, it is called White Tea Bergamot Freesia.

All these flavors in common - they are light and fresh, perfect for the warm season (spring, summer). The range of large, surely everyone can choose something for everyone.

 Tea-ceremony perfume
 Brew Chinese
By the way, modern Chinese are not so scrupulous in matters of tea. Crazy rhythm of life dictates its own terms: there is no time to linger over the dinner table, every minute counts. Most tea is brewed in the so-called gaiwan - a special vessel, the cover is attached to it and a saucer. In China, producing a variety of options: a sort of hybrid of a small teapot and gaiwan, a type which is brewing tea mug - in a high cup with a comfortable handle and lid tightly closed glass-enclosed strainer infuser.

With this mug you can quickly brew to brew tea and drink it directly at the workplace - this is especially appreciated by office workers who spend all day in front of their computer monitors. These mugs can easily be bought in Russia, many are able to evaluate their practicality. In contemporary China, the traditional tea ceremony still often arranged only for special occasions and events. The Chinese themselves sadly talk about it, but it does not mean that the old traditions are forgotten.

Manufacturers of cosmetics, too, did not want to remain on the sidelines. Extracts of the leaves and shoots of evergreen shrubs include tea formula funds for face, body and hair. However, that's another ceremony - Tea cosmetic.
Author: Irina Rukavishnikova