Travel and scents
 Usually we run away from our short summer in the hot country in search of the sun. This year, the sun is not necessary to catch up with us, yet we still leave the sea to quench our thirst for new experiences and be able at any time to dive into the cool blue waves. Needless to say, the summer - the best time for travel and adventure. And, of course, we want to hold them with our favorite perfume.

There is much talk about the best summer fragrance inspired by the sun and the blue sea, and exotic ingredients such as coconut, tiara, ylang-ylang, Mediterranean smells figs and olives, but now I'd like to begin our summer trip to packing suitcases, namely - with a choice of perfume, which we will take with us.

Specific fragrances, I will not be called, because each of us has their own preferences, favorite notes and concentration. About popular perfumes of the summer can be found here. I want to share a few principles that I use myself when choosing a fragrance journey.

Putting a suitcase, I want to take along at least half of the perfume collection   - In the bag is always a place for "pets". All the while trying to figure out what kind of smell will be combined with this dress, and what - so pareo, which is suitable for the evening, and some - for a hot afternoon ... And even if I prefer the summer fresh citrus perfumes, you still have the temptation to take with the sweet powdery scent that seems to me, is very much to me.

Choose very difficult - find a single fragrance, suitable for all occasions leave, can not be So I did not do. "Basic" scents to relax in tropical countries should be fresh and unobtrusive scents that do not contain alcohol. Note the different summer editions of popular fragrances, or even a special series for travel, which usually consists of small bottles in special covers. By the way, it would be appropriate leave little bottles. What is the point haul with two bottles of 100 ml? 15, 20, 25, up to 30 ml will be in this case could not be appropriate. If you do not, you can visit the duty-free and stock up on them already there, of course, if your choice is not a rarity.

We should not forget about the romantic candlelight dinner, parties and secular outlets - bring a flavor of the evening, but it is desirable that he was not too rich and powdery. Better not to choose songs with a strong oriental notes, and confine bright floral aromas.

So, I usually take a one or two fresh flavor and one evening. But! Nobody can abolish a variety of fragrant shower gels, shampoos and body lotions.   It can be the means of a single line with your perfume or a completely different plan, but be sure to pay attention to is not the way they will be combined with your scent. However, in some cases, it is enough of a lotion to create around you a gentle cloud of fine flavor.

By the way, do not forget that you can carry hand luggage liquids in containers not exceeding 100 ml.

Enjoy your travels!
Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina