Pure Poison: hypnotic fragrance gourmet
 Midnight Poison by Christian Dior - the fifth in the collection of perfume Poison, since 1985. His predecessors were Poison (1985), Tendre Poison (1994), Hypnotic Poison (1998) and Pure Poison (2004). He became one of the most prestigious editions of 2007 and appeared as if an attempt to regain the charm of the golden age of perfume, which followed after the Golden Age of Hollywood, recalling an era of outstanding products such as the original Poison, Opium or Trésor, which is proof that perfume can become the focus of an established period.

Actress Eva Green (Eva Green) was engaged to take part in an advertising campaign perfume and director Wang Kar-wai (Wang Kar-Wai) took the most luxurious and romantic movie for the whole year, although the year can not be called a failure in this area (advertising Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, Guerlain L'Instant Magic). Like Coco Mademoiselle, it's - the legendary advertising campaign, mainly visually gave a different interpretation of the Cinderella story, which is now swinging on the roof of the opera Garnier in Paris under the chimes at midnight ...

Images above depict three collectible Poison. They came out this month and will be available from February-March 2008, close to the celebration of Valentine's Day. Favorite with all the bottle emphasizes the romantic personality and a curl around the neck. Blue this time came in handy to the personification of dusk midnight, although the bottles are practically the same (at least in the standard version).

With such an active campaign, the scent became an absolute bestseller in France. Initially, we thought that he would be deprived of originality, and to some extent they were right, but still, it depends on how high to set the bar, and on how to scrutinize flavor. Perfume was created to give pleasure rather than as a challenge - and he accomplished this task. It embodies a popular trend in perfumes based on the modernization of the traditional flavors of pink, while playing on the chords of rose, amber and patchouli.

Midnight Poison was created in tandem perfumers Jacques Cavallier and Olivier Cresp under the artistic direction of François Demachy, who sought the maximum quality. It is interesting to note that a correlation with Midnight Poison Pucci Vivara and another scent, based on the same chords and released in the same year, - Elle by Yves Saint Laurent. No, the purpose of the article is not a comparison of the flavors and the search of their related properties. Even if Midnight Poison is closely linked to other perfumes, but not their exact replica - it just has similar accords, but apparently changed properties.

Perfume offers a touch of rich woody notes, floral heart-related, you can immediately see the extraordinary architecture of flavor .  Deeper foundation - amber - noticeable from the outset and clearly recalls the colorful unique sweet honey texture of the original Poison, but soon you realize that between versions there is a huge difference .  Cotton rose revealed, lying on a feather bed of soft, plush vanilla .  The impression is very juicy, but not heavy and slightly dainty .  Gradually vanilla chords become more exciting thanks to an unexpected revival of citrus .  Patchouli, passing through all the flavor, add metal "iron" elements and more courageous note in a glamorous boudoir atmosphere of a little girl .  Perhaps the dream of sweeping past the knight in heavy armor, sword in hand, and the princess, cloistered in a tower expecting a handsome prince from the early release .  But it was only instantaneous way .  Soon, Rose becomes very delicate, refined, feminine and begins to bloom, thanks to the refreshing wet mandarin .  Having reached the peak of development, fruity fragrance becomes light fragrance of roses, at the time, as the deep chords of ambergris are the epitome of femininity more refined .  Midnight Poison Rose in both warm and fresh .  Around her constant turns amber .  Toward the end of musky aroma becomes more sensual and all - under the influence of neroli .  It's very sexy .  In fact, the whole perfume is a very refined and elegant .