Today princess smell just like you. / part 2/
 Today, there is the very concept of a universal fashion. The focus is set individually, so we do not need to stick to any certain style, but you can express yourself to the fullest. Some people prefer spirits to gourmet notes - aromas of chocolate, caramel, melon. Some shops located in the old vintage odors. Someone crazy oriental spices, and some prefer to smell clean and soap. We live in a world of infinite variety of flavors. There is only one problem - how to choose yours? ..

Quality mark of the star

By the end of the XIX century royals nobody considered trendsetters. Palm them away Actress - first theater, and then a movie. At the same time, the stars began to appear in commercials. In 1898, the streets of Paris there was an advertising poster (by the way, he looked like a regular poster), in which the great Sarah Bernhardt promoted rice powder La Diaphane. And off we go. Movie Stars (mostly Hollywood) began selling face left and right. Here are a few brands, owes its popularity to the famous actress: soap Lux (Joan Crawford, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren), Cosmetics Max Factor (Liz Taylor, Ava Gardner, Judy Garland, Grace Kelly), shampoo Lustre-Creme (Marilyn Monroe).

The phrase of the legendary MM that the best clothes in bed she felt a few drops of spirits «Chanel №5», has the flavor of a fantastic service. Since persons of this smell was just the most beautiful, sophisticated and elegant woman. First French (Catherine Deneuve, Carole Bouquet), and more recently, foreigners - Estella Warren and Nicole Kidman (the latter signed the largest in the history of perfume advertising contract - to five million. Dollars).

In recent years, the number of stars, touting the new smells, skyrocketed: Chiara Mastroianni («Enjoy»), Liv Tyler («Very Irresistible» by Givenchy), Milla Jovovich («Night»), Monica Bellucci («Sicily»). In the history of advertising have been many cases when after a successful flicker in TV-video little-known model and aspiring actress became a star. Starring in advertising «Chanel №5» (video shot by Luc Besson), dramatically changed his career Estella Warren - it began to invite famous directors.

  And Monica Bellucci, worked on advertising spirits «Sicily» the director Giuseppe Tornatore, as he liked, he invited her to the movie "Malena". This picture Monica translated into the category of superstars. Rupert Everett and be filmed in the crowd, he did not become a person of the male fragrance «Opium».

In the 90 stars it was not enough to promote someone else's product - they want to produce their own. In 1989, Elizabeth Taylor released her first fragrance «Passion», and a year later another one - «White Diamonds».
It is said that these spirits, though a success, but rather a particular contingent - molodyaschihsya old women with a permanent and diamond rings.

  What it is not surprising: when a man bites the smell of a particular star, though he wants something to be like her. So every new fragrance from the famous actor or actress (later they were joined by sports stars) is designed for a specific audience. It is unlikely that the spirits of Omar Sharif buy a stylish young man, and the spirits of Jennifer Lopez - a successful business woman. But an elderly businessman and (respectively) relaxed girl necessarily buy!

Effective advertising of spirits - is half the battle. A failure - a complete collapse. When the company Yves Saint Laurent launched a perfume called "Champagne" (meaning, apparently, mean that they are drunk is not worse than the fizzy drink), it is not assumed that manufacturers of champagne will be served on it in court, accused of using the original title without their consent. The company then flew millions of dollars: in addition to the legal costs it had to pay for the creation and posting of new labels. "Champagne" was renamed "Ivrez."

Epochs and Styles

Today, the manufacture of perfumes used not only organic substances but also synthetic. The revolutionary new product was used in the development of perfume «CK One» Calvin Klein. Their structure has become a kind of clever chemical compound that affects the subconscious. The fragrance of this perfume person feels just a couple of minutes after the perfume. Then the scent of fading away, but the brain continues to perceive it as a natural smell of leather. And the smell is so alluring that customers like hypnotized again and again go to the perfume shop.

What perfume is better - synthetic or natural - is very difficult to say. And to distinguish from what substances are made spirits, it can only be a professional. Those and others have their own advantages and disadvantages. Perfumes, created on the basis of synthetic, natural and more durable while still cheaper (per liter of natural rose oil costs about 30-35 thousand francs). But it is easier to promote natural jasmine from Grasse fields or ylang-ylang from the Comoros - it will not dull the chemical formula of numbers and letters.

With all the variety of human tastes of the fashion for perfume can be traced very clearly. At the beginning of the twentieth century - the era of Art Nouveau - a woman should smell sweet, like a flower: lily, tuberose, jasmine, rose. The fashion for Orientalism has added to it spicy oriental scents. During the First World War it was not up to the spirits - women. But there is the famous "chypre" - tart masculine scent.

30 years of the last century - the heyday of "male" smells: fresh, athletic, with notes of tobacco and leather. In 1944, the call throws Marcel Roche - as a protest against the war, it creates superzhenstvenny fragrance, which is called - «Femme». Three years later, there is «Miss Dior», a logical addition to the feminine toilets and flowing fabrics diorovsky New Look. The ladies began to remember the spirits of not only going to the ball.

In the 60s, the era of hippies and the first flights into space in vogue Bisexual odors. At the same time penetrate spirits and spicy note (a tribute to the passion Eastern philosophy). World conquering «Fiji» and «Anais».

80s with their cult of money and career demanded a sharp and tart flavors: «Poison», «Samsara». Then it was time unisex 90 with their cool-fresh scent: «Obscession», «Eternity», «CK One».