2011 - the year ekostilya
 Ecostyle - return to the past or the desire for a better future?

Scientific and technical progress, of course, opened up new possibilities in the development of new textile materials. Numerous artificial fabrics allow designers to implement ingenious solutions and continuously expand the collection. Due to this, in an age of innovation and experimentation in the world market there are unique stylish things that allow you to stand out, to emphasize the image.

But at the same time, with a huge variety of choice of consumers began demanding more relate to new products. Over the years, we have experienced firsthand that practical at first glance synthetics causes discomfort, and some artificial additives provoke allergic reactions.

And now valued not only the appearance of new clothes, but her naturalness, effects on the body. Therefore, based on environmental friendliness and comfort, this year designers offer us a completely new solution - an exclusive and trendy Ecostyle .

History and development of the new style
From a historical point of view of ecological clothes there since the appearance of the first man. But the style with the same name as a fashion trend emerged relatively recently.

The idea was inspired by the desire ekostilya conservationists make sustainability a way of life. And many ladies were convinced that the natural colors and natural motifs cause pleasant associations, uplifting and allow to look cute and adorable in the "urban jungle", and close to nature.

For the first time I introduced this trend in their collections designer Linda Laudermik. Established in 2002, the first dresses from exotic materials (bamboo, seaweed and other plant components), Linda laid the foundations for an eco-line, reminding the world of the principles of environmental safety (by the way, while also dealt with the protection of animal rights, so the adherents of traditional ekostilya forms are opposed to natural furs).

Founders of other popular brands also picked up a new idea. For example, Stella McCartney has created an exclusive collection of underwear made of natural cotton, and some well-known brands (Nike, H & M, Gap) produce a special line of clothes from ekotkaney.

Today Ecostyle in different variations and encouraged the youth fashion, especially in the luxury things for confident ladies of high society.

Ecostyle 2011. What is in fashion today?
Since the main idea of ​​the new trend is to use exclusively natural materials , The use of which is confirmed by a centuries-old tradition of sewing, Ecostyle today is able to strengthen the nation's health. And because this year he is the height of fashion, we shall understand more about what is offered us designers, introducing such innovation.

Eco-approach is mostly simple and concise decisions about cutting. According trendsetters, it's time to remember the discreet and elegant classics.

In addition, it encourages the addition Ecostyle clothing accessories handmade. Nature offers a wide variety of materials (wood, glass, stone, shells, natural tissue) from which you can create your own unique jewelry. And these little things will help highlight your natural harmonious way.

 2011 - the year ekostilya

Ethnic motives in eco-design
Some designers are based on historical traditions of different nations, creating masterpieces of cotton, linen, silk and other materials. This unique approach gives each thing special energy. After all, ethnic patterns and cut themselves convey the spirit of the past.

 2011 - the year ekostilya
At the Miss Universe contest demonstration of traditional folk costume became a mandatory step. In the photo - Miss Ukraine

In addition, they allow the owners of new outfits to create an image of modest and lovely girls.

However, such clothes can not only stand out, emphasize character traits and look unique. Returning to the explanation of the past may be related to patriotic motives, with the desire to move away from the standard stereotypes.

 2011 - the year ekostilya

And in some cases, such motifs look particularly luxurious.

Daylight Ecostyle - Step into the Future
Finally, we note that clothing from eco-friendly fabrics not only feel comfortable and avoid health problems. It also gives the opportunity to experience the harmony of nature.

 2011 - the year ekostilya
   It is scientifically proven that natural materials soothe the nerves and prevent stress, normalize mood.

Thus, the introduction ekostilya in modern design of clothing - it's not turning back, and a confident step forward. After all, in an era of ecological balance disorders clothes of the future must be primarily beneficial.
Author: Alla Pilipenko