And I do not want do not want on the calculation, and I love, love I want ...
 Have you thought about it at least once? And in no time! Now the marriage was on the calculation of normal, love, of course, also happens, but much less frequently. While remembering yourself in 15-17 years I with 100% certainty, I can say that me and my friends - all were going to marry only for love. And be sure of such a strong and deep, as shown in Mexican soap operas, such as overwhelming and indestructible, which is written in the books.

Recall, for example, Natasha Rostov and Prince Bolkonsky or Pechorin and Princess Mary. But unlike literary heroes, love in our lives is to go through all the trials and tribulations, and a loved one to be sure to close, and all sorts of sacrifices to be excluded. And in the end we have?

My girlfriend Lena married, of course, in love, and now the second brings up a tomboy, and live on a tiny salary of her husband. The cries, quarrels, the eternal lack of money and years of accumulated fatigue.

Olga in his 31 is still not married. Yes it so bad! Abroad, a prestigious job, a lot of very non-poor suitors. And the eternal motto - all men!

And she asks for the kind of love was also married, and my husband is a very promising man. Living in abundance. But only love has passed the third year of marriage. And now she tears every day pour into the pillow, and then comforted in the arms of another boy "for the soul."

You look so all this woman's happiness and you think, well, maybe it well? And I must get married right on the calculation, so as not to hurt and without regrets?

Of course, no matter how cool, mainly the relationship between a man and a woman are developing nakatannomu scenario. We met on a common party with friends, then long and often walked in the moonlight, went to the movies seem to have learned everything about each other, it is possible. The next chapter is to introduce the development of relations with the parents of both parties after a civil marriage for a year and a half, and then usually follows the wedding ceremony. And of course, each of us wants that to happen, this is the wedding of her life once and for all life!

 And I do not want do not want on the calculation, and I love, love I want ...
   And as it was before? Even in times of Pushkin and Lermontov about love and the speech was not. No, it is, of course, dedicated poems and ballads. But the question of marriage was decided solely by the will of parents who were guided by the noble position of the groom, centuries-old pedigree of ancestors and compulsory education cavalier. A relationship with a commoner or a man below on family and position in society was considered a shame and stigma of a centuries-old!

Now, everyone is free to do as she pleased, and no one was no surprise! Although, to create a full-fledged marriage for love or by calculation, now the women have to work hard. First, you need to get an education, and secondly, it is important to be externally bright, attractive and well-groomed. You must be able to work and build a career and home comfort support, always be passionate lover for her husband. Yeah, on the women's shoulders, as always go to an excessive burden.

 And I do not want do not want on the calculation, and I love, love I want ...
 And yet, if the silly sentiments, recognition and stuff is not for you, then the marriage of a profitable and promising proposal. And a desire here is not enough. Another calculation needs to be done right! Fundamental to such a marriage must be stability, confidence in the future and prosperity that gives a family man. The wife, for his part turned a blind eye to all kinds unsaid secrets and her husband, providing comfort, comfort, cleanliness and neatness. And there is no denying that on weekends you as an exemplary family with children will be selected in the park, having fun under the rays of the autumn sun and good-natured exchange views and gentle kisses. Convenience and mutual compromise - that's what keeps such a family, even though everyone in it its goals and plans.

I do not know, but for me, it is better to try in this life the most stable foothold in the legs and a man find a steady, though not much software, but long-term this growth. Of course, if you still love, it would be great! And at the beginning of a relationship, it certainly will be! The first couple of years. Then comes the life: children, garden, school, time would be enough for a manicure, what's the love. Of course, it will warm the idea that once was love, but now it is just cool and grew into mutual respect and friendship, and it is also the fundamental thing for a marriage.

Perhaps a million options. The only thing I want to say, do not be afraid to make bold but deliberate steps and dramatically change their lives. We live it once, and it is necessary to clearly live this life itself, and then the grandchildren of something interesting to tell !!!

 And I do not want do not want on the calculation, and I love, love I want ...
Marriage for love? Ha, we laugh !!! As long as it is - there is a marriage, as soon as she was gone, and the end of marriage! Therefore, the calculation more accurately and more stable!

Maria RA
If your loved one does not have money, it becomes annoying. And if you did not love them a lot, you start to love him?

Dear girls, that's enough to look rich and good. Look for a loving !!! Everything else will follow.
Author: Valentina Pyatygo