Beach lessons of confidence and beauty
 Beach holidays love even those who criticize him. Who does not like bright sunshine, gentle sea waves and warm sand? Do those who are very shy and afraid of the figure to show himself in a bikini. Off complexes! They do not have to ruin your vacation.

How to feel confident in a swimsuit:

1. Do not compare yourself with others

The popular reception to motivate yourself slim celebrity photos works only in certain cases. That is, the picture slim Gisele Bundchen on the refrigerator, of course, helps you keep yourself in the hands and continue to work on yourself. But ever wear this image in my head, constantly comparing himself with Brazilian - not worth it. Otherwise, at least you are guaranteed neurosis. A most unpleasant results - the terrible self-doubt and fear of his body in a bathing suit.

Your new mantra: "to compare themselves with models and celebrities - a hopeless exercise, I'll do it only when I have to be the same" support group "of professionals."   Angels of Victoria's Secret, of course, great, but in a different way and can not be. After all, it's their job! For their work shapes personal trainers, stylists, nutritionists, and Photoshop.

2. "We should gratefully accept ..."

Should not all think that this famous song about the weather. Remember the quote in full: "that you assigned to nature, should be grateful to accept." Looking at myself in the mirror and berating his abdomen, shoulders, knees, you just save up dissatisfaction without noticing a good thing. Change your negative thoughts on gratitude.

Your new mantra: "Thanks to the nature of my body."   Do not collect some shortcomings of the figure, look at yourself as a whole. Instead of negativity, be grateful for the body that you have. In life a lot more interesting things and activities than ever to take care of how to look at the beach your hips.

3. Do not miss your chance

Many of the girls can remember how they had instead of enjoying the sun, sea and beach, sitting in a corner and hide under sarongs. And all because of some absurd complexes. And now these girls have to remember the ruined vacation and missed opportunities, and in fact is now able to enjoy your self, Landscape Images, pleasant memories.

Your new mantra: "This summer will not happen again. So whether or not to care about what people think about my body around? ".   Do not miss the opportunity, you will not be able to duplicate this trip when it is a completely satisfied. None of the people around you in five minutes will not remember how you looked.

 Beach lessons of confidence and beauty

4. No one is watching you!

This paragraph - a logical continuation of the previous one. You simply must not miss an opportunity, and not just because you do not care about others. But because these "others" you do not watch.

Your new mantra: "All people have their own business, and I do too."   It is necessary to try to stop paying attention to others, and you make sure that you have exactly no one is watching. Enjoy your stay!

5. Take care of your appeal

The more a woman takes care of herself, so she was more confident - that's a fact. And confidence is not dependent on the opinions of others. Do as much as possible for themselves and their attractiveness. Buy the swimsuit that you like. And beautiful accessories. And a good sunblock. You will see that begin to be convinced of its appeal.

Your new mantra: "I have a beautiful bathing suit, a good hairstyle and stylish make-up."   Find out what swimsuit is best suited to your type of figure. Avoid those things that you do not like, even if the shopper can assure you the opposite.

 Beach lessons of confidence and beauty

6. Respect yourself

Love of self implies respect. This means that you will take care of a healthy diet and regular exercise. If it is present in your life, then in the dissatisfaction and restraint there will be no desire or time.

Your new mantra: "While I respect myself, I respect others."   Treat yourself as the girl with the highest demands. Do not settle for bad food and ineffective hair removal.

7. Be active

You want to look young? Move more. Active and useful figure and skin. As long as you play with a ball or building sand castles with the kids, nobody pays attention, if you have cellulite.

Your new mantra: "Lounging on the beach - it's not for me! " The trend of active beach holiday.

 Beach lessons of confidence and beauty

8. Laugh!

Do not be afraid to look ridiculous. And by the way, this is a good trick to escape from view and estimates. Think of the most popular self Cara Cara Delevingne or Miley Cyrus! Create funny and artistic photos, then no one would care about your extra kilos.

Your new mantra: "I will do the most successful self this summer! ".   And be sure to put them into your Instagram, inspire their readers.

 Beach lessons of confidence and beauty

Good luck!
Author: Julia Shestakova