Beauty Secrets from the beach girls surfers
 Spend the entire day on the beach and still be beautiful? Almost everything about this girl know, surfing. They have to spend half his life at the beach, while remaining sexy and vibrant. We learn their beauty secrets.

Resistant sexy fragrance

As the smell of a man who spent the whole day in the sea and on the sand? Do not rush to answer that "salt water and sweaty skin," because there is a modern products to avoid unpleasant odors.

Surfing not use perfume, but seek a pleasant smell from the body. They are used to this fragrant body oils. Such oil spray has almost every bronze make-up collection. Notable examples include ESTEE LAUDER BRONZE GODDESS Body Oil Spray, Silky Body Oil Chanel Chance, precious beauty oil Garnier Body.

 Beauty Secrets from the beach girls surfers

Fragrance oil-based are more resistant, kept on the body for a long time. As part of the - essential oils, plus vitamins (E and C), which soften, nourish and moisturize the skin under the hot sun. And most importantly - body oil is not washed away when bathing, it almost does not need to update. But you can do it, the product is easy to apply, absorbs quickly and leaves no sticky feeling.

Beach wave - "calling card" surfing

Surfing girls do not go to the stylist most of the summer, but is the hottest time of their hair always have a sexual undulation, not matted locks and natural bleached locks. For all this, you can say thank you to the ocean.

And if you spend a lot of time in seawater, it will be able to see how your hair change and become like the girls on surf boards.

 Beauty Secrets from the beach girls surfers

All the others can not worry that they will not be able to create a wave of beach, especially for this is a special product designed specifically for this task. This texturizing spray or salt spray. The product appeared on the market in the early 2000s, and was initially expensive and inaccessible. Now texturizing spray can be purchased at a price not exceeding 400-500 rubles (luxury brand offering spray expensive 1000 rubles).

 Beauty Secrets from the beach girls surfers

It is necessary to sprinkle texturizing spray the hair during the day (at least every 15 minutes) and all! That's enough to make a beach wave. Available texturizing sprays have L'Oréal (L'Oréal EverStyle Texture Series Beach Spray) and Schwarzkopf (GOT 2B Beach Trippin 'Salt Solution Waving Spray).

Bronze makeup

Beautiful tanned faces surfing can mislead you that you need to expose a person to the sun as much as possible. In fact, protection from the sun - is the same thing as the ability to mandatory stay on the wave. Sunscreen with a high degree of protection is always present in the arsenal of surfers. A smooth bronze complexion can be achieved using bronzers.

 Beauty Secrets from the beach girls surfers

If you want to create the most natural makeup effect "his" Sun, you'll need a few tools, and better to have a whole palette of shades with multiple bronzer. It may be just shades with different finishes: shimmering, matt, satin. Mix them, to shade, to impose on one another, ensuring naturalness. Nose, forehead, cheeks - these areas face tan very first. And you have to select them bronzer to mimic the look of natural tanning.

Moist lips

Surfers and skiers - these people are the greatest experts in the protection and moisturizing the lips from cracking, dryness, flaking. Because their lips are exposed to very large trials. Without juicy and plump lips no sexual image will not work! What do surfing to protect and moisturize the skin of the lips?

Lip Balm - best remedy. Girls surfers spend every week on tics balm, they are very generous. And if you need the shade, do not rush to stock up on more and lipstick, and select the product 2-in-1 moisturizing + Colour. It tinting or toning lip balms colored balm or tinted balm. Make sure that the product has an SPF, antioxidants, vitamin E. This composition lip balm is now mandatory and there is even a mass market product.

 Beauty Secrets from the beach girls surfers

Ideal foot and pedicures

This is another component of the bright image of surfing. Sandy massage allows you to always have shelled skin heels and cuticles. But if there are problems (wear, cracks), then correct the situation ordinary moisturizers and beach shoes.

For most of us shoes on the beach is a must. The first is the protection of the fungus, because nail fungus has the ability to maintain the viability of the sand or gravel. Second, beach sandals are necessary for those whose skin does not tolerate heat the sand to avoid burns. The third argument: the prevention of injuries and cuts. And besides, beautiful beach shoes will add to your image more charm and glamor.

 Beauty Secrets from the beach girls surfers

Another mandatory reception to protect the nails from yellowing and cracking (salt water in large quantities does not strengthen nails, and vice versa) - is a nail polish. Optional color is enough 1-2 layers of protective clear coat. This fungus prevention, and preventing injuries nails.
Author: Julia Shestakova