Cheating - a new word in losing weight
 Each has its own Golgotha, which gives rise to the challenge. All slimming it alone and it is - the effect plateaus. How to overcome the "dead point" in losing weight and find desired parameters figures? Try a new technique nutritionists called "cheating"!

The term "cheating" weight loss consultants imply boot day, that is the perfect time when you can afford to eat a sweet dessert or a carbohydrate impressive slice of chicken, baked in the oven, without any harm to the figures and solely for her benefit. It seems incredible, after so many days total tracking calories in a dish, you can finally relax and get what you want.

How it works? - The question is - before we give an answer, let's deal with terms. What is the effect of the plateau and how it manifests itself?

On the effect of the plateau in detail

The process of weight loss, in which kgs literally melt before our eyes - the cherished dream of losing weight. Often it comes true, but ... for the time being. Almost always in the weight loss comes a time when the hated fat "strikes a pose", leaving no chance to find a figure of her dreams in a short time. This stage is called the fading effect of weight and a plateau or a dead point in losing weight.

Not knowing the techniques to overcome this difficult period for all time losing weight, you do not even begin to follow a diet - sure nutritionist. Indeed, in this case, the incentive to reduce the weight lost, and we run the risk of "break", going back to the old diet and building up a new "wealth" at the waist, hips and buttocks. To avoid this, you need to prepare for the plateau effect in advance. This will help you our advice.

Once in the process of weight loss came plateau effect, change the weight loss tactics:

1. Weigh yourself only once a week.   Most weight loss diets is due at the beginning of the withdrawal of excess fluid from the body. As we know, moisture can build up better than fat. When it leaves our body in the balance will be noticeable loss of fat mass. This average 70-150 grams per day. Of course, the scale may not "notice" such a minor weight fluctuations, for this reason, weighed at this stage are often irrational.

1. Work out or increase physical activity.   Sports at least one hour 2-3 times a week - the need to help lose weight. Good load increases the consumption of calories and causes the muscles to work harder. All this eventually perfectly reflected in FIG.

3. Add menu unloading 2 days a week.   They need not conduct a row, and at intervals of 2-3 days. Then the benefits of discharge will be more pronounced. View fasting day is determined according to your preferences. Good results give vegetable protein and unloading.

If these recommendations are no longer yield results, try cheating - short diet with high calorie.

Cheating: a reasonable strategy

At first glance it may seem that cheating - a dangerous event for the figure, but it is not. The body accustomed to a diet with a small amount of calories, a sharp increase in caloric perceive as a push to increase the metabolic rate. In the process of nutrition protective mechanism called thermogenesis.

In other words, the "extra" calories do not go to fill up your fat stores, and will be used up rapidly. Thus, the body will increase the body temperature, increase blood flow and increase the speed of digestion. Importantly, this process will continue even after some amount of time after the end of the boot of the day. As a result, you begin to lose weight.

Cheating on all the rules

To cheating is not moved smoothly into a holiday with an abundance of high-calorie belly dishes on a table in the stomach and limit yourself to the recommendations of nutritionists:

Time cheating.   Try out the new word in the weight loss is permitted no earlier than one and a half or two months after the start of the diet. Of course, this time period should coincide with the effect plateaus. Is being downloaded at any time useless.

The duration of the download.   Of course, for such a pleasant stage slimming want to sit as long as possible. But cheating is the maximum duration of two days, the multiplicity - no more than twice a month.

Calorie boot of the day.   Menu during the boot restricted 2500 calories. Composing a diet for a day, you should keep in mind that the food must be fractional - optimal 3 main meals and two snacks. If necessary, the multiplicity may be increased to six times per day. Dinner should be planned for 4:00 bedtime. In addition to your diet should be to maintain a balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates.

Following the advice of MyCharm - pledge a speedy overcoming the plateau effect and finding a model of harmony. Be beautiful and healthy!
Author: Natalia Bartukova