Flayledi and cosmetics: save time and money
 Each "respectable woman" a huge number of different tubes, jars and bottles for beauty guidance. If you collect the "crowd" in one place, you can organize a good showcase. But today is not about that, but about how to use the world's most popular system of household Flayledi (Flylady) for storage of cosmetics in order to save your time and money.

The focus system Flylady, created by the American mistress Marla Scilly, puts the health, comfort, automation and timely raskhlamlenie home. All this is useful to us to store cosmetics and save money. How?

 Flayledi and cosmetics: save time and money

How to remember the date of purchase of cosmetics

Health - is the first thing to consider when buying and storing cosmetics. How many times we give a promise to write, when they bought a particular lipstick or eye shadow? Dates are cleared quickly and we have no idea whether we use makeup without harm to health or damage to its beauty.

Alas, scattered leaflets or writing, which then can not be found in the diary, we know very little help. Another thing - Audit Trail Flayledi - home book, rather thick notebook where Marla Scilly offers to record the most important economic issues - shopping lists, the menu for the week, a list of morning and evening affairs. If you will take a specific page of the log to record the date of purchase of cosmetics, you will not have to rack their brains over the safety of a bottle or tube.

How to store to save time on cleaning

Convenience store cosmetics is equally important. Still wipe cloth dozen bottles at each cleaning? Modern storage systems help to solve this problem. Convenient closed organizers allow you to store all the tubes "remotely" from the dust, and thus restoring order to Flayledi will take a fraction of the time (split time on the number of tubes). Furthermore, it is convenient when all the fingertips.

 Flayledi and cosmetics: save time and money

How to save money

Convenient storage of cosmetics allows you to save not only time but also money.

Firstly, you do not have to buy the replacement of "missing" funds. If cosmetics are stored systematically, it causes much less of a problem that is rarely lost. Thus, you do not have to buy eye cream to replace the missing. Thanks Flayledi things in the house are no longer lost.

Secondly, due dates in the audit log, you can keep track of when you will need one or the other "party" means, and purchase them at the event, or at least not go after them several times.

Third, thanks to such records, you can also see how much you have enough of an agent (for example, 2 or 3 months) to plan its purchase in the records of expenditure. It is also an excellent opportunity to analyze how much money you spend on cosmetics per year, which may be useful in the preparation of personal or family budgets. And, of course, you'll know exactly when a particular box or tube must be "written off" and get a new one.

Another useful tip from Flayledi - is not a "direct beauty" at the last minute. A great risk that the hand tremble, and makeup is not as accurate as we would like. In addition, when you paint in the last minute, you can forget something important.
Author: Marina Tumovskaya