How to successfully take pictures of themselves for avatars
 All the more time we spend on social networks, and increasingly we are judged by our photographs of the "talking" of which is the photo for the avatars. You can, of course, to download their most "front" photograph taken in a professional photo studio. But for many of us it was too deliberate and too obvious. So, it's time to learn how to take pictures of themselves on their own and - successfully.

Here are some useful tips.

1. Do not take yourself seriously

It's just a picture of avatars! Relax your face, allow yourself a little wacky, humor - and you get to the picture perfect. This advice is relevant for all photo shoots, not just yourself.

2. Do not hesitate to camera

Firstly, one shy? Are you a photographer herself. Secondly, this is the essence of avatars - it should be you, not someone else. Feel briefly a model and center of the universe.

3. Angle - our everything!

Correctly chosen camera angle you subtract a couple of kilos, make the facial features thinner and more refined, will remove the bags and dark circles under the eyes, hide the bulging tummy, etc. First, do not take pictures from the front - a few people decorate; Turn slightly sideways to the camera. Second, do not point the camera at the bottom (so you will be sure to double chin, even if it is not) and do not point it on top (so you'll look like a tadpole). In order to make their own photos proportions were right, a portrait subject, hold the camera at eye level when shooting at times - at the level of the chin.

4. Find a good lighting

Preferably daytime street lighting - with him face looks fresh and natural. Try not to use a flash - it distorts the color of the eyes and gives a fiery red hue. But the light should be bright - so photos will contrast. It is also important that the lighting was warm, not fluorescent, otherwise you will add to your photo a couple of extra years.

5. Pre vote next frame

For a successful photo you important to understand that it fits like it's something to be lit, and how the photo reflects your original idea.

6. Photograph much!

With the power of digital photography you no sense to spare footage, and plenty of them easier to choose good. It can be found practicing good angle, right angle, and learn to relax in front of the camera.

The most popular ideas for distinct avatars:

- "Hot" photos

There you at its best, at the best angle, with styling, makeup, etc. The best advice for this photo - a smiling eyes, or do sight mysteriously sexy (it is enough to think of a favorite actor or singer male).

 How to successfully take pictures of themselves for avatars

- Photo with pet

Plus the idea is that you show your best qualities (namely, love for animals), with one of you just get well: animals are very photogenic.

 How to successfully take pictures of themselves for avatars

- Photo in training

The advantage of the idea that you are once again demonstrate their positive qualities (namely, the love of sport and a healthy lifestyle), the aktsentiruete dignity of the figure, the underlined sportswear. Variants of the photo - in the gym, jogging or during class extreme leisure activity, such as a climbing wall.

 How to successfully take pictures of themselves for avatars

- Picture in the mirror

You can take pictures not only in the mirror, but in any reflective surfaces (the photo will turn out original and fresh). It is important that these surfaces are clean, not hazy.

 How to successfully take pictures of themselves for avatars

- Group photo

It can be a photo with the family or with her friends, and on it the most appropriate sense of humor.

 How to successfully take pictures of themselves for avatars

- Composite photo

It helps accents - for example, after a successful shopping can be supplemented with a photo of bright accessories or accents. And being in a beautiful place - interesting camera angles, found there.

 How to successfully take pictures of themselves for avatars

It remains to talk about how best NOT taking pictures of themselves.

1. Do not take photos of the body - hands with a fresh manicure, breasts, ass, knees and so on.

2. Do not take photos themselves are not in the mood.

3. Do not take pictures of yourself drunk.

4. Do not take photos of yourself too natural - just awakened, shaggy, kosmetikibez completely without makeup, half-naked, naked and without clothes.

5. Avoid unflattering background - dirty dishes, mess in the room, drunk people.

Follow our advice on how to successfully take pictures of themselves for avatars, and you get a lot of "likes" and compliments from their "network" of friends.
Author: Elena Timofeeva