Learn their spiritual world, or what we lack for perfection
 Rules of life in modern society is quite hard and sometimes inexplicable. So, when we start to work on their own and think about how to feed his family, our environment and the media, we instill specific ideals. And we continue to subconsciously believe that there is one way to happiness and well-being - hard work, building a career, focus on success.

And, laying a path to "worry-free" (at first glance) life, we visit various trainings for the development of self-confidence and strive for professional growth.

It is no secret to many a business woman of the XXI century the traditional system of values ​​"home-family-work" is built in reverse order. However, achieving success in their field, they are often faced with other problems - depression, neurosis, dissatisfaction. A frank conversations with loved ones, they admit that they have doubts - whether they received when donated the most expensive for his career.

But ordinary girls await similar problems. It is often in the pursuit of something I wish all of us have to sacrifice time (and perhaps more important things).

 Learn their spiritual world, or what we lack for perfection
   And if, despite outward prosperity, you always think that you are far from perfect, if you are constantly tormented by a sense of dissatisfaction - it may be worth little to change their usual way of life and to think about, what you really are missing.

Do you have spiritual values ​​and ideals?
As strange as it sounds, but sometimes we ourselves do not understand what prevents us to be happy. According to modern psychologists, sociologists and priests, most of the problems is that in a society reduced level of spirituality.

To give a specific definition of this concept is not capable of one. On the one hand, the decline of spirituality is manifested in the fact that we only learn to respect themselves.

 Learn their spiritual world, or what we lack for perfection
 Reaching more or less considerable heights, we subconsciously begin to exalt himself over the other. As a result, we become more self-centered and, what is worse, we have produced a consumer attitude towards others and nature. Plus, every day we get a lot of information that makes us change the stereotypes and beliefs (it is the commercials, new movies, TV shows, and so on. D.).

 Learn their spiritual world, or what we lack for perfection
 Do you know the feeling that you're going "against the current" (ie against their true desires and needs)? Maybe you should just remember the forgotten values ​​(which were so important to you a few years ago)?

In this case, you do not have to go back to school again (where you were taught that such an understanding, compassion, love). For starters we recommend a hold honest dialogue with you - to answer a few questions.

 Learn their spiritual world, or what we lack for perfection
 This kind of test that does not require counting balls, summing up. If you're going to answer frankly - then just realize that you need to change in your life (or yourself) at the moment to achieve his spiritual Olympus (which is better than any job, it is able to bring a sense of satisfaction).

1. Imagine that before you opened a tempting prospect - get a raise at work and a higher salary. However, working in a new place. you can not devote enough time to the family. Would you agree on such a position?

 Learn their spiritual world, or what we lack for perfection

2. What lesson do you take greater pleasure in his spare time watching another directory makeup / clothes (which deals with that will help you look like a king) or reading informative books / cautionary tale (which will help to consolidate old knowledge or remember the ideals of goodness)?

3. What products are you, first of all, pay attention to the store - with beautiful slogans like "only will it help you look better," or the fact that you like the most?

4. How do you prefer to deal with at the weekend - watch your favorite TV shows or provedyvat relatives?

5. Agreed Would you donate a certain portion of the money earned to good purpose (eg, for the treatment of the sick person, to repair children's hospital)?

6. There Do you have a desire to selflessly help those in need (to donate blood for cancer patients who participated in the collection of items for orphans)?

 Learn their spiritual world, or what we lack for perfection

7. Camping, you always clean up after a garbage or try to convince themselves and others that do not pollute the nature of people and plants?

8. Do you think that the main thing for everyone - to be happy here and now, and think first about others?

9. Do you like listening to gossip and pass them, or think to discuss the privacy of other indecent?

10. What do you mean for fancy stuff? Way to emphasize their social status or simply beautiful items of clothing?

11. If you had a choice - no matter what training you would prefer to visit: one that allows us to develop hidden talents and abilities, or one that is (according to organizers) would find a quick way to success in your career?

12. Do you aspire to every free minute to give the family or think about how to find an additional kind of earnings?

 Learn their spiritual world, or what we lack for perfection

13. Do you have a hobby that does not bring revenue, but gives moral satisfaction?

14. Could you be in order to achieve their goals at work (status, position) to substitute any of your colleagues?

 Learn their spiritual world, or what we lack for perfection
 As you can see, some of the issues relating to the long-debated topics in society choice - family or career. But most of them concern the various spiritual values ​​and allow us to understand - if we can just asking nothing in return, bring other benefits or for a long time, we continue to live the ordained circuit.

Occasionally scrolling in mind your answers, you may be able to avoid some of the problems of modern women - "pre-programmed" thinking. After all, one thing is certain - a spiritual person, first of all, he remains a man (that is, does not lose human needs, needs, ideals).
Author: Alla Pilipenko