Me ... body!
 Bodimodifikatsii ... What lies behind this foreign word? If we translate "bodimodifikatsii" from English into Russian, we get "change, improvement of the body." Many will be surprised, but some bodimodifikatsii long time and become part of our lives and have become an integral part of a weekly or even daily care. Today we talk about the different kinds bodimodifikatsii, their advantages and disadvantages, as well as a bit of us think - this is the beauty or ugliness?

We are so different

Yes, we are different to varying degrees bodimodifikatsii use. Some of us are limited to waxing, eyelash, nail strengthening gel, increasing hair volume by increasing or weaving synthetic strands, and others, have become familiar to us bodimodifikatsii.

Others prefer a little more traumatic for ways to improve their looks: plastic surgery, tattoos and piercings.

 Me ... body!

Others go even further, their beauty bodimodifikatsii for most people is controversial, but it is their way of expression, albeit a very extravagant. We are talking about people who cover all your body with tattoos makes the Elven ears through plastic surgery, contact lens wearers with a frightening figure, implanted under the skin of metal plates and silicone implants, making scarification and more. Of course, even such a small dosage bodimodifikatsii can only add charm and appearance raisins, but most followers of these changes are not familiar with a sense of proportion. Let's look in extreme bodimodifikatsii and their main directions.

 Me ... body!


Scarification is somewhat like a tattoo, that is, after the procedure on the body also remains the desired drawing or pattern, but without pigment, and a scar. Currently popular as concave and convex scarification. For the first pattern in accordance with a scalpel cut off portion of the skin, whereby, pattern is obtained on a skin depth. As for scarring convex, then to retrieve it with a scalpel incision is made under a certain angle.


Implantation under the skin of the various elements is becoming increasingly popular, especially among members of some subcultures. If implanted subcutaneously through a small incision is placed object from titanium, steel, solid silicone, which forms a skin bulge interesting shapes such as hearts or stars. Often using the implantation change facial features and contours of the skull, for example, create a demonic image, make horns, etc.

 Me ... body!


In moderate amounts mikrodermaly may even look cute and interesting. Mikrodermaly - this implantation under the skin of a small metal plate with no exposed threads. After healing, on the thread, you can cheat any decoration. Thus, mikrodermaly it is something in between piercings and implantation.

Elven ears and a forked tongue

These bodimodifikatsii became popular because of the love of young people to the genre of fantasy. Increasingly, in certain circles, you can see girls with elven pointed ears and guys with snake forked tongue. These bodimodifikatsii require a lot of human determination, moreover, it is quite a painful procedure. If bodimodifikatsii bother to return all "as" it will not be easy.

 Me ... body!


Bodimodifikatsii in this type of earlobes is no surprise, and another thing, if you decide to make a tunnel in the cheek, chin, tongue, etc. There are two methods of tunnels stretching. In the first method, and the skin cut portion is inserted into the hole decoration, often transparent midway. Either stretch the tunnel by means of special expandable metal rods. As a result, the skin appears fairly wide hole into which is inserted a decoration.

 Me ... body!

Bodimodifikatsii - a matter of taste, but many of them are too extravagant and frankly cripple man. Besides extreme bodimodifikatsii can complicate life and adversely affect the career. Do not forget that any violation of the integrity of the skin is the risk that carry infection, and sometimes very serious. And what for you are like extreme body modification - an ornament or mutilation of yourself?
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya