Should I become a victim of fashion trends
 It is no secret that trying to meet the fashion stereotypes, we run the risk of losing their own individuality. We are clear why you should not chase the fashion and the more it becomes a victim. But nowadays in the teenage community celebrated another popular trend - the imitation of idols. By the way, this effect is sometimes distributed among the older generation.

From a psychological point of view, to explain this phenomenon is quite simple. Favorite singers or actors are for teenagers authorities. Besides, even we adults unconsciously like stars that sing our favorite songs, acted in popular films and so on.. Sometimes we are interested in the facts of their lives, take them for what they are - with all their flaws.

The open form of role models in youth groups manifested in the creation of fan clubs, in an effort to get dressed and painted like your favorite singer (by the way, these are actively using cosmetics and other companies that invite famous stars for shooting in advertising).

If you notice that this imitation becomes obsession (for example, your child), you can simply explain to him that the stars choose their image does not do and, according to the requirements of their profession and vocation, are obliged to look to attract the attention of the general public. Their original style and quirky mannerisms are not for everyone.

 Should I become a victim of fashion trends
   However, the desire to live up to its ideal (which sometimes seems to us a model of perfection) can be shown and unbeknownst to us. For example, we are looking for sources of information interesting moments of the biography of his idols, trying to keep track of their actions in different situations, identify traits that help them to achieve fame and respect.

Such curiosity is not in itself dangerous. But the point is that we adopt their particular demeanor and projecting their lives to his. Especially when the favorite star of a successful and happy for a while it may seem that it is - the shortest way to achieve long-term goals.

 Should I become a victim of fashion trends
 We offer a "expose" these illusions and face the truth.

- At first , Stars - this is public people. In a conversation with journalists in most cases they invent or embellish the facts with the aim to make a splash. And under such masks perfection is often impossible to see the true face of man. So think - whether to mimic the invented image.

- Secondly Each star (like any of us) has its own unique character and their way of life. And none of the well-known personalities can not reveal to you the exact recipe for happiness and success. And when planning your life, it is best to rely on their own experience, which will be the perfect guide.

- Third , I want to add that in the life of the stars is not so smooth as it seems. Of course, in front of the cameras, they always look happy. But it is no secret that they often have to choose between career and personal life change dramatically to create original and attractive image. So do not think that the life of a star - a good fairy tale, in which so wants to get there.

 Should I become a victim of fashion trends
 It is interesting

- Popular stars at different times somehow became "fashion victims". And no wonder - they are also inherent human weaknesses and shortcomings. Moreover, in public they must always look perfect. For example, the most famous victim of the fashion industry and shopogolizm became Victoria Beckham.

 Should I become a victim of fashion trends
 - Imitation is inherent in the world of show business. This is evident not only in the fact that budding vocalists wanting to gain popularity, rehash songs that for many have become favorite. Some of the singer and actress even adopt the mannerisms and other traits. But most of all, of course, is valued originality.

- Because sometimes the stars imitate idols of past times, with a professional approach, it looks like "a classic in modern arrangement." But if the star is not able to show their best side, imitation looks like a simple copy of a good original.
Author: Alla Pilipenko