Tanoressia - sunbathing as a new form of dependence
 When finally comes the long-awaited summer, we immediately rush to the beach with a view to soak in the sun and acquire a bronze tan. But sometimes in their quest to become more beautiful, we do not see any boundaries and behave very carelessly endangering their physical and psychological health. Unfortunately, many fans of Sun do not even know that may be susceptible to such disease as a tanning addiction, which is very similar to alcoholism or drug addiction. What is tanning addiction than it is terrible, and how to protect yourself from this problem?

What is the essence?

Tanoressia - psychological dependence of man from ultraviolet rays, or, in other words, the desire to have a tanned body at any time of the year. Basically, this disease affects adolescent girls aged 13-16 years, but it can occur among adult women and men.

Fans of dark skin can be so obsessed with a tan, they are willing to spend unlimited time and money for the purchase of various creams and lotions for sunburn, as well as visits to tanning salons.

By the way, in connection with the advent of tanning salons and intensive advertising problem has become very relevant, because it is using a tanning zagaromany maintain color throughout the whole year. And they will not stop well-known fact that ultraviolet rays harmful to the skin, causing them to age faster and lose elasticity and covered with pigment spots. Besides tanning addiction increases the possibility of skin cancer, and excessive exposure to direct sunlight often leads to impaired vision and cataract. The problem has reached such proportions that in some countries (such as Britain, Germany and the Baltic States) Solarium forbidden to provide services to persons under 16 years.

There is a tanning addiction, like any other addiction, small. First, people want to get a light chocolate color, but every sunbathing he thinks that tanning is not good enough. And then begins the real mad chase for the coveted skin color - and she does not know borders.

 Tanoressia - sunbathing as a new form of dependence

Is it bad sunburn?

As is known, should be a good bit of each. The same can be said about tanning. Unlimited exposure to the sun can severely hurt, but to rush to the other extreme - absolutely refuse to ultraviolet rays - not the best idea. These rays are very important for the synthesis of vitamin D, which is essential for our bones and teeth, as well as the metabolism of calcium. The sun's rays improve blood circulation, activate metabolism, strengthen the immune system. In addition, they serve as a good prevention of depression and chronic fatigue.

How to recognize and eliminate the disease?

Of course, to diagnose and treat you can only psychologist or therapist. A visit to at least one of these professionals is worth considering if you are:

• visit a solarium for more than two times a week, while the sessions exceed 10 minutes;

• to think seriously about how to buy a home solarium;

• after a session in the solarium or after sunbathing feel confident;

• mood improved when visiting the solarium, and the thought of it;

• solarium for you - a remedy for depression.

If you notice at these symptoms, immediately reduce exposure to the sun and in a sun deck and see a doctor. He will be able to deal with your problem, because on their own, unfortunately, you are unlikely to do so.

 Tanoressia - sunbathing as a new form of dependence

Sunburn was not just fashion, but something essential in the modern world, an attribute of success and self-confidence. With billboards and TV screens at us look handsome and tanned beauties, and forcing us to conform to specified standards. However, it is worth remembering that deep tan, like any other new product is not worth your health, not a sign of prosperity, and this fashion trend will change soon something new. In pursuit of fashion importantly - do not act in the damage to yourself and not lose health. To obtain the required servings of vitamin D can simply walk regularly in the open sun at any time of the year or solely for the prevention occasionally visit a solarium. Remember: beauty should not require too much sacrifice.
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya