Teeth mind: how to wean himself biting his nails and biting her lips
 Are there people in the world, completely devoid of bad habits? Perhaps many readers added to this group and of itself, because they are not inherent to gambling, tobacco and alcohol. However, addiction - is not only the application of direct damage to their health and psyche. Often they are disguised as quite harmless at first glance, like a weakness obkusyvaniya nails and lips. If you like peculiar needs, often performed on the machine and causing discomfort, let us look for ways to get rid of these bad manners.

The indulgence is fraught with similar habits

Of course, we are aware that the nail biting and biting his lips till the blood look, to put it mildly repulsive and unattractive in the eyes of others. Moreover, we are able to judge these weaknesses strangers. However, when it comes to us, often we do not notice the log in your own eye, or simply do not want to give up the unsightly habits. And yet, apart from unfavorable impression on others, we can cause direct physical harm to myself worsen the condition of nails, lips, put in the wound infection, cause inflammation followed by scarring, etc. In addition, we can give ourselves to others guts, because often these mechanical steps associated with the presence we have hardened neuroses, and the indulgence of such bad habits only contributes to the progression of the internal pressure.

 Teeth mind: how to wean himself biting his nails and biting her lips

What to do? We offer a few effective recommendations:

• Indulge in professional manicure and possibly nails, and buying expensive lipstick. You will be sorry to float teeth, destroying such beauty, thereby blowing your money away;

• You can also try a more radical (and unpleasant) technique: smear fingernails or lips unpleasant-tasting substances, to discourage destroy the natural beauty. As an example, consider the soap, mustard bitter or special varnishes and lipsticks;

• If you feel that bad habit "threatens to suffocate", enable problem areas to shift its focus. In the case of hand it could be knitting, wiping dust, washing dishes, laundry, and to take suitable mouth chewing gum, candy, etc .;

• During the special nervous tension when the habit of biting the lips or nail biting can take a truly universal scale disaster (examinations, talks, interviews, life situations), it is not necessary to abandon the light sedatives. For example, a sedative tea, pharmaceutical products;

• sometimes without the help of a specialist way. Do not be afraid to contact a consulting psychologist, to work together to overcome unprofitable habits, which can be from childhood, so you are perceived as the second I had.

Unsightly consequences of bad habits in the form of bitten nails or lips it is possible to prevent, if you identify patterns in which pulls float teeth. This happens most often in a state of stress, passionate thoughts or activities that do not require movement, such as watching a movie. Check for yourself, but better fix on paper similar situations, and watch out for is when the occurrence of favorable conditions for the manifestation of the annoying habits.

 Teeth mind: how to wean himself biting his nails and biting her lips

Fighting even such harmless habits can take a long time. We hope that these tips will help you as quickly as possible goodbye to such weaknesses and will serve as a notable help on the way to your perfection. However, remember that without your intent and unwavering determination efforts may be in vain.
Author: Anna Hodchenkova