The happiness of motherhood and career
 Sometimes we have to choose between quiet family life and work. And in this issue, we often forget that gives us a sense of harmony and happiness - the happiness of motherhood.

As to the role of wife, mother, guardian of the family hearth are famous mother? What is more important for them? I propose to consider some of the secrets of the private life of the public's favorites, which will allow to understand how children affect our lives.

The ability to combine career and education
Many people believe that children can be a barrier to success. However, ex-member group Spice Girls Victoria Beckham was able to prove to the world the opposite truth.

Three beloved children did not prevent her husband David to successfully grow your business in the field of fashion design. And Victoria has the fourth nursing baby.

 The happiness of motherhood and career
 In addition, active and purposeful Victoria released a book, a guide to the world of fashion and style in which, among other things, there is valuable advice for young mothers in the selection of clothing pieces.

And, importantly, even after updating the family socialite Beckham continues to be the ideal of beauty for many women.

All this confirms the fact that a man of genius will always brilliant, and children will be for him not to interfere, and stimulus.

Children are taught to look at the world differently
And the story of Angelina Jolie is a perfect proof of this.

 The happiness of motherhood and career

After the actress adopted two kids (which it should be noted, saved the life) and gave birth to the mother of the child, the public saw the eccentric Angelina in a new way ... and completely new role of the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador.

 The happiness of motherhood and career
 By the way, the money that the couple Jolie received for taking part in a photo shoot with a newborn daughter, were sent to charity.

Little daughter also changed the life of actress Jessica Alba. Although Jessica and continues to work on the set, but claims that her daughter and her husband for her in the first place. And for them is one of the most attractive women in Hollywood would be able to abandon a successful career.

 The happiness of motherhood and career
   Besides, she says, it allows the child to ignore the problem, avoid stress, to take life easier.

By the way, the album also participates in the company's charity - helping to educate children in poor countries.

That's how children teach us generosity and understanding!

Work is not in spite of, but for the sake of children
It was able to start a career as the founder of a major cosmetics company Mary Kay Ash. Left with three children on his hands and a minimum budget, Mary persistently succeed in business. And at the base of their own "business empire" the eldest son of Mary he became her chief assistant.

 The happiness of motherhood and career
 In his book "Dreams Come True" Mary Kay gives important instruction for all women - how to prioritize. So, the first place she had faith in the second - the family, and only the third - career.

Only this way, according to Kay Ash, leads to success. And it's hard to disagree. Judge for yourself - the true faith allows us to maintain warmth, tenderness, femininity in difficult situations, and the family is a good support and a haven in which you want to come back after a hard work.

Of course, you can build a career without the first two "steps". And to succeed in business on their own. But it is unlikely that success will give a sense of calm and happiness.

 The happiness of motherhood and career
 And our famous singer, whose songs delighted a generation of people - Sofia Rotaru - a favorite son was not just an assistant, but also a great producer, which they jointly decide important issues.

In an interview with reporters in Sofia he insists that the son took over from her and her husband's hard work and love of music.

 The happiness of motherhood and career
 But the most important thing is that, despite the regular tour, the couple were able to develop in him the positive traits (honesty, respect for elders) and raise him a good man.

All these examples show one thing: motherhood - is not only a sea of ​​troubles and responsibilities. It is also a great happiness and a stimulus. The impetus for new achievements, which helps to achieve success.

But at the same time, the children just need our attention and warmth. It is dearer to them than the most luxurious gifts. Therefore, no matter how intense was your schedule, there must necessarily be time to communicate with his family.

Keep this in mind at every stage of life.
Author: Alla Pilipenko