Wake up: fresh every morning!
 As you do not want to get up in the morning. How difficult to feel cheerful and trying to shake things up before lunch and focus on urgent matters. Look, if things go on - even before the close of neurosis, and with him is usually coexist guilt, apathy, lack of confidence and generally pessimistic vision of the world.

No, let's find simple ways of how to be fresh in the morning and focus on the case.

A cup of coffee?
Drink some coffee - advise relatives when you complain about the lack of strength and drowsiness. And we - against! You have time to drink coffee, possibly at work or in a cafe at lunchtime. Then it will help cheer up. A morning start anew. No caffeine! Coffee is a diuretic, your body immediately lose a lot of fluids. And after the dream, on the contrary, the body needs to replenish and restock moisture. Authorities will begin to function better when they are wet.

Avoid rehydration in the morning to help clean drinking water, and better - freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice.

 Wake up: fresh every morning!
   And if the street is not hot, and you do not want to consume cold drink, then get ready in the morning strengthens the immune system a warm drink: hot water + honey + lemon or ginger. Just feel a surge of strength and courage. And germs are not afraid!

Increases the level of serotonin
Do not ice cream and chocolate, in addition to their serotonin (the hormone of pleasure) there are some we do not need is adverse properties such as high blood sugar, for example. A slice of chocolate will leave the five o'clock tea. And in the morning cheerfulness need movement and proper breathing. Only you got out of bed - take a deep breath and exhale should be even longer, twice as long in time than a breath. Such breathing well prepare for a busy day, it relaxes the brain and removes the feeling of anxiety or panic attacks, which are present in the morning for many working women. Make at least ten of these breaths.

Physical activity pick. Of course, the best - a little jog. But you can just start with the wide swings his arms and legs. When the body moves, the blood begins to "run", it immediately activates the metabolism, improves mental ability, increases the level of serotonin.

Reorganization in the bedroom
Rather, it is important not only as you wake up, but also where. If you mess around, litter, logs and unmade cluttered desk - it is not up to cheerfulness in the morning. Your brain will also be blocked, as the situation around. Therefore, take care not to drag things into the bedroom. And if the apartment does not allow it, then bedtime necessarily remove traces of previous activities (work, hobbies, snacks).

 Wake up: fresh every morning!
 In addition, the mood in the morning affects the color scheme bedroom. Yellow color, for example, raises the spirits. Why not paint at least one wall in a warm yellow or coral? In the morning it will be reflected in many things and will surround you with warmth and sunshine in the evening gently "warm" before going to bed.

Quality sleep affects alertness in the morning
It is an axiom. Not less than eight hours and no later than 23-00 - we know that, but it is hardly modern pace of life allows it to comply. But even if you can not put to sleep eight hours is not a problem. It is important, what a dream. Posture during sleep plays a significant role. A good mattress and pillow is low - at least get used to this, then the lack of sleep will not be so for you "push".

 Wake up: fresh every morning!
 If in the morning you feel that you need a long time to warm up a bit sore muscles - it is a bad signal. Perhaps it fixes a good, flat mattress and suitable for the length of the bed, but if not - then the time to visit a doctor, can be curvature of the spine.

The morning will be cheerful!
It is not necessary to let your morning laziness. It is better to be lazy in the evening, lying with an interesting magazine or aromatic baths. In the morning, we do not lose a minute. I advise you not to put the alarm clock at arm's length. I helped not wait for the second or third ring the alarm, when I went straight to the kitchen. Even when I set the alarm on the table, then took a step out of the warm bed, then again strove to dive. But when it comes to food, you see fruit on the table or the carafe with clean water, then abruptly changed plans, and about any bed and do not remember.

And yet it would be good to get hold of some morning hobby. If it is jogging, then great. But it may be fish and aquarium, and indoor plants, and sewing, and viewing news feeds on any Internet resource. Then I want to get up and do what he likes most, and every time to get up as early as possible.

Vivacity and freshness of the morning!
Author: Vasilisa Cousin