What is it - your ideal man?
 Somehow we have already talked about how to determine who you want to see the favorite. In general terms, it is worth remembering that there is a certain category of men who seek to discern in his life partner a second mother. There are those who, on the contrary, themselves are always ready to take on the role of a caring father.

But, in all likelihood, most of the modern Don Juan maintained the principle of equality (ie do not like any dominating lover or her shift responsibility for their actions).

However, practice shows that life is not so simple. After all, today even affluent families (which were pre-specified verbally all the rules of living together and where each member of the family happy with his role) is often the case of divorce. And, oddly, initiating a breakup often by men.

This causes serious thought, which in most cases do not have enough men in relationships.

 What is it - your ideal man?
   New experiences and diversity? Opportunities feel full owners? Or perhaps they are simply seeking to get away from the family routine and return to the old bachelor habits?

To understand this question, consider offering different categories of men more than the expanded scheme. Maybe someone this knowledge will help the right approach to the choice of a life partner. In any case, this information will be useful to some modern girls.

Who is your coveted and long-awaited - romantic, the owner, a businessman?
 What is it - your ideal man?
 So confident "Pope" (which often take most of the decisions and family responsibilities) - is, in many cases, successful entrepreneurs and careerists. Life with such a person has a lot of advantages. So, the woman feels close to him like a stone wall, and may not be afraid of unforeseen circumstances.

But it is worth remembering and that reaching the coveted "Olympia" (taking a leadership position or achieving increasing salary), a born businessman sometimes begins to show toughness and independence. And the role of the wife of such a man should be to ensure that help him avoid psychological problem called "workaholism".

It is much easier if the hidden leader entrepreneur lives in the man who used to rely on around you, or take into account your opinion (ie a typical "son" or "other"). Such husband always appreciate his mate and be happy for her sacrifices earned capital.

 What is it - your ideal man?
 Another type of men - practical and thrifty - much more rare. And so welcome to many business women of the XXI century. It is a unique husbands who do go shopping, attend school meetings, pay their bills. Who reminds you that description? Man-dad? Do not jump to conclusions. It can be conventional other. And the wife of such an ideal owner just has to learn to live with its interests and possibly share his hobby.

 What is it - your ideal man?
 And the typical "sons" and "friends" are often found incorrigible romantics. These are the extraordinary musketeers who are willing to sing at night serenade under the windows of loved ones and throwing flowers at their feet. Often the companion of heroes feel happy in the early stages of life together. And further, they learn to adapt to the fact that their husbands instead of the necessary products to buy sweets and wine for dinner by candlelight. At the same time, they should be able to play the role of a fun and relaxing or cold and indifferent heart ladies.

Who do not you want to see next - a wanderer, womanizer, ideological fighter?
I now propose to consider several categories of men, the life of which can be filled with different surprises and surprises. Good or bad - you decide. I just want to remind you that in every situation there is a positive side.

 What is it - your ideal man?
 The first type is unpredictable husband - an eternal traveler. This wanderer feels comfortable when spending the night in a tent every day and eat a traditional breakfast tourist. Next to it is a good representative of the creative profession, for which the loneliness - the best time of the creation of masterpieces, or romantic nature, ready for the tedious wait. It is impossible to remake such a man - it should just be able to accept the way it is. And, of course, to do so at home he always felt comfortable.

 What is it - your ideal man?
 It is also surprising men are champions of modern ideas. They usually are easily influenced by the society and enjoy the organizational and social work. Get used to this type of course is difficult, but possible. However, if you did not share his beliefs and feel uncomfortable with him - you should remember one proven method - time to switch to other ideas of the husband (which may seem to him more believable and interesting).

 What is it - your ideal man?
 In addition, there is one kind of men who are not recommended to deal with. It - born lovers, or a ladies' man. Despite the availability orders that prevail in modern society such macho is not considered to be good husbands. However, if the woman noticed the character of the beloved desire to be the center of attention of the fairer sex after having been stamped in the passport - it is more likely to show self-confidence and independence. In this case, it will be interesting for him and not only will be able to keep it in the family, but also to help him get better.

Finally I want to just remind ourselves that we need to learn to take the favorite with all their advantages and disadvantages. At least, you can not change their nature sharply and dramatically. It primarily helps cool feeling.
Author: Alla Pilipenko