What is more important: a fashion or taste
 "Fashion, like the architecture - is a matter of proportion"
(Coco Chanel)

Perhaps a little on the light there will women who do not like to dress fashionably. Some comedians say that the first ladies have appeared when our ancestors lived in trees. In fact, many ancient civilizations such as the fashion did not exist ...

For example, over a thousand years old clothes of the ancient Egyptians, and for women and men had the same cut. This is probably what is now called "unisex".

As a rule, changes in clothing is a result of conquests, and then the clothes of the people to learn from other nations. People who come up with new styles and offer them to other people did not exist until the middle of the XIV century. Old clothes, usually worn until it is time do not wear out completely. It is only since the middle of the XIV century, tailors began to be divided into different professions. And in the XVI century, there are people who have to change old clothing that is in good condition, a new one, just because it seemed to them more interesting.

 What is more important: a fashion or taste

At the end of the XVI century came the first book for fashionistas. And in 1672 in France began publishing the magazine "Gallant Mercury» - «Mercure galant». It was not a fashion magazine, but rather - literary criticism Gazette, but the magazine had a section with a description and pictures of fashionable clothes. Because of what the magazine was very popular.

But despite the fact that it has become fashionable to wear new clothes design fashionable women engaged themselves and tailor their models embodied in reality, that is sewed. At the end of the XVII century there were editions with engravings depicting fashionable clothes, but the first real fashion magazines have appeared only in the second half of the XVIII century, and immediately gained millions of ardent fans.

Perhaps because Paris and named the fashion capital, it came out that it was the biggest fashion magazines. Later fashion magazines have appeared in the UK (London) and in Germany (Weimar) and Italy and Spain. A tailoring on an industrial scale has appeared in the 1820s in England. In Russia, the first fashion magazine "Fashion monthly publication, library or toilets for ladies" was published in 1779.

Most interesting, perhaps, is that until the XIX century, the main mods were men, women, and only later taken away from them the palm.

 What is more important: a fashion or taste
   Profession "designer" as an artist, creating designs of fashionable clothes, appeared in the XIX century. The first company, shop, fashion theater opened in Paris in the autumn of 1857 the English tailor Charles Frederick Worth.

In 1892, the first issue of the now world-famous magazine Vogue. Behind him appearing magazines like Cosmopolitan, Elle, L'Officiel and others.

Fashion - it is certainly nice, but sometimes some of the women in the pursuit of fashion comes to the absurd. Not only that devastated pockets of his pious, more and buy clothes, which, as they say, it comes as a "cow the saddle."

And here, as the experts say, you need to call for help common sense and try to create your own style, focusing on the taste and the opinion of close people, who understand the clothes.

 What is more important: a fashion or taste
 Not always does a beautiful woman is the most expensive clothes from well-known brand. You may recall the Soviet film about Cinderella, where consolidated sisters and stepmother just grappled for a flower made hands Cinderella. Sometimes reality and dress made her mother, sister, girlfriend, emphasizes the dignity of the figure and the face and hides their flaws is a thousand times more skilled than the clothes of doroguschego boutique.

We should not forget that in today's fashion industry employs a huge number of artists, fashion designers, cutters, tailors, fashion models, advertisers and others, the main task of which sell their goods and earn money. And usually, it's huge money, and gets them out of the wallets of buyers.

The modern fashion is a large-scale business, which almost does not think about the personality of each individual woman, and our task is not to finance it, and to look irresistible. Why not give a blind fanaticism.

 What is more important: a fashion or taste
 Fashion fashion, but every woman is beautiful in its own way. And in order to "suit sitting", he first must emphasize flavor is this woman. And most interestingly, it turns out 99, 9% of men do not look at a label and are not interested in the price of women's attire, they focus exclusively on their own perception of the image of women. And according to the results of the study took the first place clothes sewn by women for themselves, the second - bespoke mothers, girlfriends, third place was taken outfits sewn in the studio masters in accordance with the desire zakazchitsa. And clothing from boutiques generally not included in the list ...

That is, it turns out that taste and style is more important than fashion . Although, what woman does not want to be fashionable, just moderation in everything needed, and then it is possible to dress nice and stylish without spending a lot of money ... and nerves.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva