Why should a woman heel?
 Lovely ladies, why do you wear heels? They are uncomfortable, unstable and fall through any crack in the road, and so intoxicated they are generally dangerous to life! My dear, you are fine without them. Stop yourself maim and hide behind it all you are doing for us, men !!!
(Men's logic)

A pair of high heels is in the arsenal of any woman. Red lacquer, violet-crimson with a large flower or linen with colored stones and beads. It is always pleasing to our eyes, look great on the feet, and the most important figure in which overcame a much slimmer and more feminine, while the woman looks more confident and graceful.

Men heels maddening, though they assert that it is terribly uncomfortable, and why such sacrifices. But you must admit, a woman in high heels and ballet flats looks completely different . Of course, in her wardrobe must have and ballet flats and sneakers or skechersy and even flip flops, but high heels it is given a special place.

Many women wear these shoes every day, at work or in a movie, even a run on their heels are not confused. The other half of the women treat them with caution, he puts on holidays and not for long, though well aware that with a heel they look much more attractive. Yes, every woman is a high heel shoes in different ways, with conviction and thoughts about the inconvenience or the admiration and passion. They do not leave indifferent anybody.

 Why should a woman heel?

Walking in high heels, of course, a difficult lesson, quickly tired legs, foot starts to hurt, and to keep the balance of the body with each passing hour more complicated. It is a science. It was only after many days of practice, effort and desire to be irresistible, do it in full! Beautiful, mysterious and feminine gait small steps on huge heels, can not remain indifferent to both men and many women. High heels - the symbol of the female wins Not for nothing that there is a Russian proverb "to be henpecked."

No matter how many doctors are not talking about the dangers of wearing high heels, fashion claims to the contrary, reproducing more and more masterpieces under the names Manolo, Miu Miu, Gucci, Prada. 5, 7, 15 centimeters ... and this is not the limit !!! While many orthopedists agree that the heel of 2-5 centimeters nestrashen and sometimes even useful to wear. But the height of 7 cm and above have a tall enough and can bring a lot of inconvenience to the mistress of her shoes. These shoes significantly increases the load on the ankle, back and knees, which can lead not only to personal injury and injuries, but also to the tension and displacements in the joint of the leg.

 Why should a woman heel?

Women who are or for what in the world are not able to stop wearing high-heeled shoes, orthopedic specialists are strongly advised to use special metatarsal pad. They are sold in pharmacies and allow significantly less straining the central part of the foot.

So who is it that modern fashionista owe the birth of high heels? Undersized Catherine de Medici, wife of the French king Henry II. It was she, feeling some inferiority complex next to the tall and handsome husband ordered the royal shoemaker to sew her elegant shoes, reminiscent of men's shoes with a heel for horseback riding. It was in the mid-16th century. This invention would have remained unnoticed if at the beginning of the XVIII century, skirts ladies have not become noticeably shorter. A short skirt is known to be rough and tough shoe looks inappropriately, here and decided to shoemakers since then sew graceful lightweight women shoes made of velvet, silk and brocade, and, of course, these shoes were high-heeled shoes.

 Why should a woman heel?

But love high heels and know the history of their appearance - it's not enough! The most important thing - to know how to choose the right to block and comfortable, and rubbed pyatochku not to fly in them, and not to go! So how to choose shoes with heels, what to look for?

- Firstly, to begin to determine what your next pair of high heel shoes. If you want to attract the attention of men, or to stand out from the gray crowd in bright orange patent leather shoes? And, maybe, you want to make an impression at work before the authorities in the strict, black shoes with high heels but low-key, and at the same time to put in place all the women's team? For each goal, is to choose their own, special shoes. When this defined, there is already adhere to the general guidelines in choosing allies.

- Be sure to consider the structure of their legs. If nature has endowed you full legs and wide feet, buy the pointy shoes with stiletto heels will bring you nothing but pain and frustration. With this structure of the legs you better to focus on sustainable and broad-heeled shoes.

- If, on the contrary, your legs are slender with a narrow foot, the elegant shoes with high heels and narrow them only decorate.

 Why should a woman heel?

- Be sure to be guided by their own experience. If during the fitting you feel unstable, any doubt about the luxury to try on shoes, it is best not to take them. The shoes have to love not only your eyes but also the feet!   "Dressing" or "silicone pad under it or wool" to foot more firmly sat - not your option! Do not hope that the price of your calluses, aching pain and capricious mood you will succeed, and the goal in these fabulously beautiful, but, alas, is not right for you shoes!

- Well, the most burning question, what heel height is right for you? To do this, measure in inches, what is the length of your foot, and divide the result by 4. This will be your ideal heel height.

- The basic rule when choosing a shoe, which must adhere to all the women: Pairs of shoes can be a lot, but the legs have just one!

 Why should a woman heel?

Wear heels, lovely women, but with the mind and respite! Cleverly picked up their new model and heel shoes, feel the comfort and relaxation of the foot in them, and of course a couple of times better walk them down the hallway of his apartment, so to say, a dress rehearsal does not hurt anyone! And then the man walking behind you, just can not resist your sexy and feminine gait ...

 Why should a woman heel?

Author: Valentina Pyatygo