Women's beauty through the eyes of men
 What woman would not want to know the answer to the question: how to please men? Unfortunately, there is no universal secret. One men like skinny, the other - plump, third - slim but curvaceous and fourth generally prefer blondes with a snub nose and absolutely any shape.

Of course, you can argue to me: what about Marilyn Monroe, Nefertiti, the Venus de Milo or, eventually, a sex symbol of modernity Angelina Jolie, for a little man would be able to call them unattractive? Yes, all of these women, of course, once conquered, or continue to conquer the hearts of men, and the reason for their appeal is not only in appearance but also, above all, in a unique energy, fluids, if you want. Well, in certain cases, not without PR. We do not plan to take away their laurels and win the hearts of men all over the world, our goal is to just look at a woman's beauty through the eyes of men and understand that we are attracted to the stronger sex.

 Women's beauty through the eyes of men

The general appearance and first impression

What draws the attention of the man in the first place? In fact, in general, it looks like a woman, as her image is harmonious, proportional to figure how neat clothes. Many women are mistaken, believing that men absolutely do not understand a woman's style. Maybe a man of parts, and will not notice, but he intuitively feel how things fit and color, whether there is harmony, and certainly notice rumpled blouse, pellets (even if you do not know what it's called!), Or a spot on the skirt. So if you want to be attractive to men, stay tidy wardrobe and keep your own style. It is better if the style is more feminine, which include skirts and dresses with an emphasis on the waist, thin, flowing fabrics, high heel shoes. But from a few extravagant looking unnatural or not for the better by changing the proportions of the figures, should be abandoned.

Also, the first thing that catches the eyes of the men - a gait and posture. Straightened his shoulders, straight back, belly and drawn flying, graceful gait - a faithful companions of every woman. In addition, correct posture can significantly improve the figure and hide a few extra kilos.

 Women's beauty through the eyes of men

Look closer

The first impression is certainly important, but one of his little. Destroy your own charms a woman can in a matter of seconds at the first minutes of dialogue. And the reason for this can be an unpleasant tone of voice, according to statistics men are attracted to either low or melodic voice, as well as wrong speech, mangling the words, sentence structure and illiterate sparse speech. So, girls, do not just read a fashion glossy, but also timeless classics!

Attractive to men is also a woman who is able to behave with good manners. Who knows where and how to smile, in which cases to remain silent and not exactly splyashet cancan on the table in the restaurant, after "peredegustirovav" all alcoholic beverages.
I think about a breath of fresh air, neat manicure, clean hair, lack of odor, hair removal and so do not need reminding?

 Women's beauty through the eyes of men

Few specifics

And yet every time there is a sex symbol, so to speak, defining the direction of attraction. What do women today seem to be most attractive to men? First of all, of course, without a ton of makeup, but with good skin tone and expressive eyes.

As for the hair, it is better to find a man laying loose well-groomed hair, without an abundance of styling products. And if in recent years conducted a fierce confrontation between blondes and brunettes, today, no doubt, lead-haired. What to do, naturally!
And yet, whether to like all men? The main fact to win a victory over the heart of the very "prince on a white horse", well, or at worst, the iron representatives of the German automobile industry.
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya