Work on a prior employment, or How to help achieve the appearance of success
 Everyone knows that when applying for a new job (especially when it comes to the prestigious profession) must be skillfully emphasize their own professional quality, creativity and organization. But it is equally important to make a positive first impression, depending on which can form an opinion about a person and the subsequent course of the interview.

So, we shall understand the points of the main types of "weapons" that are in the capable hands of women give significant benefits, and in many cases help to win the competition for a prestigious place in the prestigious company.

Weapons № 1. The positive aura
There is a wonderful theory that people with a positive charisma accompanying harmony, happiness and success in all spheres of life. Such women, respectively, it is easier to achieve success in their careers and move up the career ladder.

But in order that others always feel only the positive energy that comes from you, you need to work on improving personal qualities. Get rid of negative emotions and helps remove the tension a few sessions of anger management (especially in combination with relaxing music). Descriptions of the types and characteristics of the flow of this type of training can be found today on the psychological sites. But it is - only the first steps on the path to inner peace.

It should also develop a positive attitude towards the world and people, and comfortable with the errors and shortcomings of others and for their own shortcomings need to frankly admit themselves and work on them.

If she radiates harmony and warmth inside - it is necessarily manifested in appearance, and even disarming others (as well as the employer), which is difficult to tell a girl, "no."

Weapons № 2. Confidence
If a girl is sure that it is - the real queen, and her mistakes - just a speck of dust, along with many advantages, it is able to convince everyone around, including a potential boss. Will this "favorite image". Prepare for an important job interview the main secrets of female attractiveness: natural makeup, business suit (which will feel confident business woman), spent to perfect gait and radiant smile.

But if the natural uncertainty "forces" to stammer and you forget to say something important and reveal their best side because of constant excitement, it is recommended to visit the pre-relevant training for the development of self-control and professionalism (for example, there are special trainings for managers, directors and others. ).

The main thing - confidence should be not only external but internal, as if inside you feel uncomfortable, your gestures and facial expressions you necessarily will be given. Therefore, if the day before an important conversation you feel anxiety and fear, it is better to spend time in a pleasant communication with best friends, listen to your favorite music, recall their past interests - that is to do everything to relieve tension and prevent light stress.

Weapons № 3. «Entering the desired image '
This depends on the nature and specifics of the work. If you are satisfied on a creative position, the employer must observe (even in appearance and behavior) that you are talented, think creatively, constantly working to improve and develop their abilities.

If the new field of activity is related to the important business projects, the chief must see in you a serious business woman, strong and purposeful, organized, able to conduct important talks and always be aimed at success.

Whatever your new role - improvise, but try to be a - a natural and unique. However, all of the above items - is, in other words, the basics of theoretical training.

 Work on a prior employment, or How to help achieve the appearance of success
   If we talk about practice, with important interviews significantly help such unimportant at first glance, but significant "little things":

- Look in your eyes - can emphasize the confidence and positive charisma and disarm the interlocutor;

- Confident voice. Work out a clear and correct speech will help daily workout before the mirror;

- It used to automatism steps, movement and action. As a pretreatment can be modeled with a friend move the interview to take it off to your phone or video camera to analyze the weaknesses and work on them. But we must remain confident, even if in the real world everything does not go as planned;

- As a result of psychological studies have found that people are becoming more accommodating during the meal (and dessert all causes positive emotions). Therefore, you have more chance of success if the conversation takes place over a cup of coffee and cake or cupcakes.

The three "no" in employment:

• Do not flirt openly. It's like it is not everything, but the chief can simply misunderstood hints (in other words, it is not necessary for the entire conversation just ogle, if you want to get a seat on the company);

• Do not deviate from the topic. If you do not know what to say, it is better to admit it openly. Also remember that long history and memories do not waste time on the subject, which is highly valued by people employed;

• Do not behave as if you have to work where you try to get. It can cause irritation.

But even if, considering all of these recommendations, you can not manage to get the desired position - do not despair. Unsuccessful interview can be an excellent "rehearsal" and preparing for the next one, which is bound to be more successful.
Author: Alla Pilipenko