Work on the shortcomings - the path to perfection
 For us women, it is important to have confidence in their own superiority and charm. Therefore, even small defects sometimes prevent us feel attractive. But often the problem is not in the shortcomings, and that we think a lot about them. The situation is aggravated by the fact that close friends or relatives and then try to give some advice, what we need to correct in yourself.

Of course, sometimes it is necessary to carry out "work on the bugs," that is to do a comprehensive introspection, thinking that you can change in appearance, style, manners, behavior and what methods will help us to become more sophisticated. However, this should not be an obsession. In addition, to achieve the important objectives (for example, getting a job or trying to make a good impression on someone who you like), it is important to focus on its own merits.

I propose to analyze the points work on a It makes it easier to understand what and how to fix it.

1. Analyze shortcomings. Through self-examination, you should not accountable to anyone (except perhaps in front of him). So try to start to write honestly and frankly all the minuses on paper and think about how to work on them further.

2. Turn your minuses into pluses.   This method is effective in many cases.

Are you sure that others notice a number of shortcomings in your appearance or manner of behavior that is difficult to correct because they are linked to old habits? Turn them into advantages. What matters is that you are no longer seemed impaired. If you can love yourself - others will take you for who you are and appreciate your advantage.

 Work on the shortcomings - the path to perfection
   For example, one of the common problems that makes women feel inferior, is the emergence of complexes due to excess weight and figure flaws. However, there are cases where the fatty is the soul of the company. Yes, a girl is sometimes difficult to attract men at first sight. But her secret weapon could be good-natured attitude of all, simplicity, sense of humor and ability to laugh genuinely own problems.

On character flaws can also look at a different angle. For example, if you are accused of excessive talkativeness, but I want to express your opinion, always and everywhere - to develop interpersonal skills. This does not mean you have to become less talkative. Just should adopt a courtesy and tact. And then you begin to appreciate how good company.

3. The dramatic transformation.   Of course, there are also more serious deficiencies that hamper every step in achieving the objectives. Because of this, you just want to withdraw, not to communicate with anyone. Sometimes even lose the desire to approach the mirror.

This is an internal problem. The problem of stereotypes that are inherent in us from childhood and did not give us a different look at the world and themselves.

For example, due to the fact that parents instill patterns of correct behavior that the child should follow perfectly, there is uncertainty and fearfulness. We are afraid to make a step towards desires to make contact, or even start a conversation with friends. The reason is that within us can be founded fear of doing something wrong. Because of this fear, we do not dare to take anything important without first talking with others.

But sometimes it prevents us from opposite trait - excessive harshness in conversation (or, in other words, the lack of self-control). And as a consequence - the inability to maintain good relationships with friends. To solve such problems helps Motivational special, group training personal development, psychological counseling. At the same time, communicating on training with other people, many come to the conclusion that it is not necessary to change radically. Perhaps we should just fix the manner of communication and start a different attitude to the family and friends.

At the same time we must remember that the main objective of any psychological effects - make a person look at themselves differently. After all, the process of improvement and achievement of the objectives depends only on us. And, even without asking for advice from the experts, you can just start to follow the single principle: Only you can decide what and how you should change in themselves .

Of course, listen to the advice of others is always necessary, but we should not think that the opinions of others is the surest. Therefore, the best training in any situation - a frank conversation with him.
Author: Alla Pilipenko