7 signs of age - test
 A test that will help you calculate the age impression made on those around your face.

Seven marks of age

1. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
2. Changes in the structure of the skin - it becomes more rough
3. The color of the skin becomes uneven.
4. The skin becomes dull, apparently feeling the need for external support
5. There are very noticeable pores
6. There are dark spots
7. The skin becomes increasingly dry

What is the real age of your skin?

With the help of Dr. Michael Rose, author of the bestseller "Real Age: Ar You As Young As You Can Be?" ("Real age: whether you are young, as they could be?"), We suggest you test that, we hope, will bring you to think seriously about how we are sometimes "help" grow old your skin.

Ask yourself these questions, answering them honestly in the mirror:

1.Po compared to other people your age, your skin is:

-in excellent condition
-between average and in good condition
-not much in good condition
-to sad

2.Sredi 7 signs of aging, as described above, occur one or more of them on the skin?

-no one
-One or two
or three or four
-all at the same time

3. How many servings (calculated: serving - 10 grams) of fruits and vegetables you eat every day?

-9 Servings
-6 - 8
-3 - 6
-less 2

4.Skolko servings of fish per week?

-2 - 3

5. Do you consume the "bad" fats?

-I choose predominantly saturated vegetable fats
-I pay attention to your diet, but I can not resist the fried potatoes, biscuits and chips 1 or 2 times a week
-I love the meat and eat it several times a week
-imenno my gluttony dictate my meals

6.Skolko time you devote to physical exercise a day, including walking?

-90 Minutes
-60 Minutes
-30 minutes
-less 30 minutes

Do you 7.Primenyaete means sun protection every day?

-I always with such protection
-Only when I go in the sun
Yeah, sometimes I use one of them

8.Vash usual daily skin care includes:

-I Use the funds to retain moisture on a daily basis on the face, body and hands
Yes, I usually use a face cream
Yeah, when I think back about it

9.Gommazh or peeling

-I Spend a procedure for a soft exfoliation of the top layer of the skin of the whole body 1 or 2 times a week
1 or 2 times a week, and only those areas that need
Yeah, when I think back about it

10.Skolko cigarettes you smoke a day?

I do not ever smoked
-I -Former Smoker, but quit smoking 30 years
- "public" smoker - that is, the smoke in public
-Daily smoker

-If Your answers a lot of the first option, your skin is likely to hide your true age, taking him from 4 to 7 years.

-If You chose the most recent versions of the number of proposed responses, so your skin "throws" you 2-3 extra years.

-means Answers help determine the trend of your attitude to their appearance: if the answers are "drawn" to the top line, then you are seriously trying to take care of themselves from time to time;

If your answers are heading south, then you now have the mood to give up on everything by hand, including themselves.

Take care of themselves - to love yourself, pamper and nurture.
What's wrong with that!

Well-groomed woman even with an average appearance looks better than a beautiful, charming lady, whose skin had forgotten what a cream and hair beg the hairdresser!

Be well-groomed, so - beautiful! - Your MyCharm