A mystery woman
 ... Such a woman appears suddenly in a man's life forever leaves a trace in his heart. It is mysterious and tender, gentle and unique. It comes quietly, like a cat, always manages to be as beautiful as a deer, and not revealed until the end. It is capable of a few moments to light a spark in the soul of men, from which the flare flame.

But it disappears as quietly as appears. That is why it makes men constantly with excitement in my heart to think of her. And everyone wants to save its image in memory. What is her secret?

A special "recipe charm" - the existence of internal harmony and heat. Inner beauty can not be overlooked. But sincere sparkle in the eyes appear only when a woman is happy and sincere smile - a sign of good-natured attitude towards others.

But other than that, a woman may suddenly hit man intellect and extraordinary thinking. After all, the art of seduction - it is the time and the ability to insert the desired word, shine wit.

This is a simple description of female riddles or female cat can adopt each. After all, in life there are times when all of a sudden (at a table in a cafe or at a party), there seems to be the same, the one and only man, about whom you always wanted. A simple approach to get acquainted - uncomfortable, but I want to make an impression and make it pay attention to you. And at the disposal of just a few minutes (or, in the best case, if you're at a party - a couple of hours) to be used to the maximum. Where do you start?

 A mystery woman
   If the prince of your dreams sitting at a table on the other hand, familiarity start easy - you can just walk up and ask if you can sit down have a coffee together. The reason can be any - other tables occupied, for it is better lighting ... Look into my eyes and be yourself - good, charming, gentle. And any man would agree to spend a few minutes in your company.

Next - you can indulge in a little feminine wiles. Think about something good that is pleasant emotions and sets a positive way - and then it will be seen in the eyes of your love for life and kindness. After all, the eye, as they say - a mirror of the soul. Your smile should also be warm and kind. Do not make yourself smile when you feel sad. But even if something goes wrong, it is better for a while, at least for those few minutes drive away from themselves the bad thoughts. Tell yourself that now you have another problem, and the bad is better to think then.

Of course, visual appeal - this is your "calling card." When you look into the eyes of a man necessarily begin to consider your facial features. And perhaps he will appreciate your wonderful makeup, a unique and stylish way, kind smile and hearty laugh. But the art of seduction is not only this.

Among men, there are rumors that is rare to find a beautiful and smart girl. Prove to them that this is not so. Before you start a conversation, remember one detail - the men generally do not like to communicate on the topics discussed in the women's circle. So try not only beautiful smile, but to be resourceful and smart, Manage to support any conversation. Then the man with interest will look at you, and you will have more chance to prove himself in a favorable light. Try an enigmatic smile when talking, and sincerely interested in the subject. Then the man and quickly assess your style and taste, and notice that in the present queen blends outer and inner beauty, intelligence, refined manners and resourcefulness.

And then - quietly "disappear", but left a trail of memories (a nice perfume on his skin from "accidental" touch). But give the man the opportunity to find you - "forget" accidentally on the table where you are sitting together, drinking coffee, or simply listening to music at a party, a card with your name and a telephone, or paste in a conversation a random phrase, "I love to walk on the weekend in a park street ... ". If this is your destiny - it is sure to be looking for you - if not, you can forget it easily. But he will always remember the image of the woman-riddle, or a wonderful cat-woman.
Author: Alla Pilipenko