Be free!
 Remember the last time you feel free? Of course, freedom is different: financial, freedom from someone's care, freedom of action, freedom from foreign supervision, inner freedom. All these facets of one entity. And every facet of this brings both pluses and minuses. Freedom can turn the head and to kill, but it can save and returned to life.

I will give to your court a couple of examples from life, when freedom raises a woman.

She was always cheerful and has enough free girl .  I've known her since childhood .  Of course, parental education (more supervision) had the opposite direction .  Call at least one teenager who fully agree with their parents and share their opinion as your own? But she grew up, was educated, work, marry .  We have not seen each other for three years, and I beheld at our meeting? Lowered shoulders drooping corners of the lips, dull, quite gloomy eyes .  She lost her freedom .  Her husband, whom she passionately loved, the speaker turned his interests, and the parents demanded that she always performed her husband's will .  At the meeting, we had a long conversation, and in each of her sentence was: "I'm tired" .  Creative, cheerful person was mentally upset from the rear, the people who seemingly should be supported .  I advised her to see a psychologist and sexologist .  These professionals will help you find the very door that leads to freedom .  Freedom, in the first place, the internal .  She found it in due course, and came to life as a woman .

Some people think, how can a psychologist and sexologist to help in this situation. Well, about a psychologist is still clear. But sexologist - a specialist narrow profile. Generally, psychology and sexology quite ancient science, and at the same time, they are very closely intertwined. Sexologist certainly will help you understand your sexual inner world (which, to a greater or lesser extent, affects the behavior and development of the internal conflict), however, if the specialist will fall quite competent in their direction.

Such situations in our world there are many. Perhaps your family is going on. Think about who you are - a woman or just a shell. Responsibilities, social roles and stereotypes of a significantly narrow the range of our freedom. We can not say that in this case we are in a kind of cage. Someone is going to own this, that is not very different from the others. Someone pushes close to this environment through education, practical advice, and other instructions given. The most important thing in the fight for their freedom - do not come to the destructive internal conflicts that lead to disastrous consequences.

Learn to say "no"
Sometimes we can not say "no" to the closest people. But this "no" often depends on our will. What happens to a man when he is overcoming himself, agrees with the other just out of respect, love and addiction? Man wither. His biological clock starts counting rapid allotted days. If a person is getting older soul, then no cosmetic procedure will not help him rejuvenate the body. The effect will be too short and traces of lack of will return to their seats.

She could not deny anything, neither the parents nor her friends .  In the performance of their requests, she could not find time for themselves, and in the end, was about to lose its essence .  But the case has forced her to look at my life from .  Even not the case, and a meeting with a very influential lady middle-aged, experienced and confident in themselves and their abilities, which could open her eyes to all that is around .  Then the heroine of this example, realized that his life had not lived .  It is a long time looking for a way out of its internal conflict, the desire to be useful to all (good for all), and finally find freedom from it hung on a label as "magic wand" .  But this inner freedom lies in each of us .  Someone, it appears earlier and brighter, and someone needs to wake her up .  At the request of another friend to sit with her baby while she goes shopping, our heroine, having collected all his will into a fist, he said "no" .  When you answer no to regular requests, do not make excuses, it makes you vulnerable .  Better commenting on his failure to inform of your intention to devote this time to yourself .  At least, this is true .

 Be free!

What all this internal conflict?
The content of this conflict is expressed in acute adverse experiences of the individual, generated by its contradictory aspirations. The general form of intrapersonal conflict can be formulated as a problem between the actual condition of the person and its desired state, between reality and possibility, actual and potential.

Freedom interior complements the other freedoms. Appreciate it, and I do not go on about the other, because it will bring nothing but disappointment and constant moral fatigue .

Open your eyes to meet his well-being. AND sow only what you want to reap later .
Author: Nadezhda Lobanova