Know thyself. Aphrodite and Psyche us
 Once again, read the work of Bulgakov's "Master and Margarita", I thought about how the author clearly demonstrated by the example of the heroine Margarita Nikolaevna our dedicated women. Despite the fact that the events of the novel take place in the thirty-fifth year of the last century, the image of Margarita is still relevant.


Beautiful and young women who are fed up with her husband, suddenly meets his love. She says she came out with yellow flowers to Master found her, otherwise she poisoned herself, as her life is empty.

Let's project the image of the heroine in the modern women. Bright elements of female attire attracted attention, it is a fact. But we bring to their way of bright colors is not so much to show off to her friends and female colleagues. We sometimes consciously and sometimes not, trying to attract the attention of men. It flatters us and highlights from the crowd. And now remember how Margaret came when she thought she had lost her lover. She stayed for several months in a lost condition. She is crying her eyes out, and at the first opportunity was not afraid to associate themselves with the evil spirit, so that at least learn something about your favorite. It has lost its nature for the sake of it, replacing it with another, being witches.

How often, in our days, abandoned woman (regardless of the reasons why she abandoned) to do the same. We cry and think. We analyze, but often do not find the exit and turn to evil spirits (and this includes the fortuneteller and spiritualists and psychics). How often we are ready to sell his soul to the devil to be back with her beloved, that all was as before. But surely he noticed Master, and Woland supported him that "as before" does not happen.

The Margarita was clearly expressed two archetypes. The archetype of Aphrodite and Psyche, which are present in every woman.

 Know thyself. Aphrodite and Psyche us

Myth in our lives
Aphrodite   - Goddess of love and beauty. Aphrodite - the goddess born of the sea. It has a primitive oceanic feminine power, reigning from time immemorial in their possessions - on the seabed. Psychologically, this means that it is ruled by unconscious symbolized the deep.

Every woman has within itself Aphrodite. It can be recognized by the overflowing of womanhood and greatness, which catches the eye, but does not have a specific relation to reality. In Margarita felt the influence of the goddess. She is beautiful and feels his strength and feminine appeal. Similarly, we feel it. But who of us is fully aware of, and some partially. Maybe that's why we most often know their own worth.

But like Psyche Margarita awaiting trial. Aphrodite gave Psyche four tests are passed, she could attain divine immortality. It's kind of four steps and older women without passing at least one of them, a woman may lose its true nature has not lived the life that it is ordained.

If Psyche does not pass at least one test, she will die, that was the condition. Here and Margarita, lost paradise with loved ones, must pass a series of tests in order to gain peace of mind (which is the very immortality).

In our lives, we have to arrange all the places and at the same time be sure to keep in shape. As Psyche coped with the first task (classifying a huge pile of seeds of different plants), and Margarita N., having placed in my life all the places, decides to be a favorite, by all means, otherwise the road ahead for her there.

Influence of Aphrodite also lies in the fact that a man give us seed, that we choose one and conceived a new life. A woman should understand how to make a difference, and be able to creatively choose. But in order to master this art, it is required to detect a formic nature, primitive, earthy property, which would help her.

Most crops are trying to eliminate the contradiction between choice and obligation, characteristic of the customs and laws. They somehow prescribe a woman what she should do, saving her from having to choose.

Next Aphrodite said that Psyche must go to the far field, located across the river and collect wool from sheep grazing there zolotorunnyh. She must return home before dark or die. And this time, Psyche was ready to give up and commit suicide, but told her cane out of the situation. She must wait until nightfall and collect pieces of wool with thorny bushes and trees. So Psyche took another job. Most of our contemporaries see the sign of the presence of force to pull a tuft of golden hair from the back of a sheep and then, basking in the glory, triumph. But the power, as the power - double-edged sword, so in respect of them there is a very strict rule that they should not take more than the amount that you want, and do it as calmly as possible.

To be continued…
Author: Nadezhda Lobanova