Miss World - the lessons of true beauty
 Recently, we all had the opportunity to observe a unique fireworks display of feminine beauty and grace - an international beauty contest "Miss World 2010". Since the jumping was a jubilee - the 60th, his design was really fascinating and fabulous. It was noticeable that the Chinese organizers (and the event was held in the People's Republic of China) to have thought through all the details, so even sitting in front of a TV screen, you may have noticed that in the room atmosphere of joy and celebration, magic.

I think the competition has fascinated the audience from the very beginning, as a traditional stage of national costumes held as Carnival. Of course, such a move demanded by organizing large member of effort and good preparation, but everyone was nice to see the real color of beauty, uniqueness, talents. After all, the whole pit contestants, in my opinion, should be to work on continuous self-improvement, development of skills as a real beauty queen should always be beautiful, to be able to conquer the surrounding view, word, dance, fine.

It's safe to say that such competitions help to reveal young women, self-actualization, to make important steps in his career. But all of us, these competitions show the incredible power of magic and beauty. After reviewing these events, some are beginning to think much about what should be a beauty. To some it gives confidence, someone pushes to work on yourself. But the main thing is that true beauty can change the world around them.

Remarkably, the international beauty pageants today - is not only a contest of beautiful figures and individuals. After all, the notion of external beauty among different countries may differ significantly. Therefore, all the contestants in their own way unique. But the point is that such competitions are forced to reflect on the ideals of good and make some contribution to the solution of global problems.

 Miss World - the lessons of true beauty

For example, this year the contest "Miss World" was five intermediate competitions, the winner of which, together with the 20 contestants who are selected by the jury reached the semi-finals. I think the most important ones - Miss Charity and talent competition. Since the ability to create and give a good basis for inner beauty, that if the girl pure soul and a good heart, she is beautiful in appearance. Jumping talent - it is also a definite step in self-realization. After all the contestants, it is important not only to be beautiful, but to be able to develop their ability to think creatively. After all, if a woman has no talent or does not wish to work on their development, it eventually ceases to be interesting for men.

By the way, it is important that the competition "Miss World" of great importance given to the issue of morality. After all, the right moral foundations - is another important part of this beauty.

 Miss World - the lessons of true beauty

The audience should understand that they face not just a girl with a beautiful figure, unique makeup and model gait. It's probably every contestant has important goals and dreams, thoughtful and purposeful. Knowing this, it becomes even more interesting to observe their behavior and the course of the competition.

An ordinary girl, who did not seek to conquer the audience with the beauty and talent, it is important to just be perfect for loved ones and close friends. To be beautiful internally - is to have inner harmony, to be able to love and be loved, wise and calm approach to problem solving. External charm - a sincere smile, a gleam in his eyes, the natural beauty.

The harmony of body and soul, inner and outer beauty, the desire for peace is always in relation to all (that is, components of true wisdom) will allow each of us to feel a queen at home, at work and everywhere. Whether this, then your man will always be sure that you are for it - beautiful any member of beauty contests.

 Miss World - the lessons of true beauty

But I would love to similar contests reminded all the girls of the planet that is our calling as the beautiful half of humanity - to maintain peace throughout the world. After all, if the ideals of beauty is good, it is becoming more sophisticated and more visible for a strong half.
Author: Alla Pilipenko