Notes of the observer: what women we like
 Sites devoted to cosmetics, visited mostly by women. But myCharm
It may be called an exception. Our authors have a man, editor of the regional edition. Starting to write materials on topics, which is dedicated to our website: style, beauty, Peter seriously ponder the question: And yet what women like me more: Neat or beautiful?

- No love! - Said my friend, burst into polutrezvom able to my house.
- Well, no, so no, - I shrugged. Something to prove there was no point. Others clearly tired. Or just around disappointed. Although after two cups of strong coffee has become less categorical: "And if we do not go to the nearest cafe to relax? "

The closest route was a pizzeria. Cannelloni with white sauce and a few glasses of light beer did their job - each began to recover, and obviously kinder. Yes, and this has contributed to the public - young people, mainly. And on the street because - spring! And mood, respectively, after the spring! And there are so many beautiful women ... What else to say two divorced men over a glass of beer? Of course, for them, the women!

- Anyway, whatever we do, we do for them! - I said philosophically familiar, dokurivaya another cigarette. Since it was hard not to agree.

Past our table flashed brunette, blonde, brown-haired ... Half an hour later a friend said that he just has not found his love.

- Here's what type of women like? - Familiar and I asked pointedly stared at me. As they say, a simple question, and I put a standstill. - What kind? - I asked, involuntarily batting. - I do not know ... Beautiful, I guess.

- And what is your understanding means "beautiful"? - Asks one, turning a hard look from the next table, where, apparently, celebrated a bachelorette party, back to me.

In general, following a half-hour left to clarify the definition of "beautiful."

Opinions were divided. That, in principle, not surprising - everyone has his own taste, and, as they say, in each hut their toys ...

And in the morning I had a RAM - an ordinary workshop. Just I took it a little different.
- This is the type of women you like? - I asked his subordinates.
The staff looked at me, puzzled, and then at each other.
- We assume that this question - a key theme of the next issue of our magazine - I continued.
- My son is like mini-skirts! - Said the head of the advertising department (which, I confess, did not expect from her).
- If a man looks only at the mini-skirt, is nothing more than as soon as "physiological" relationship! - Objected designer Alexander.

Soon joined the dialogue and journalists, and sales department. Even that was a discussion! In the end, we decided that we fall in love is not part of the female body, and the woman herself. However, at the first meeting to draw attention on the former. That is why it is so important for women to emphasize their dignity, whether it be cool chest, legs, figure or beautiful hair. With modern methods of cosmetology do so does not constitute a special problem. And every woman, without exception, there is stress.

Second, the woman should be internally natural. It does not matter - it is complete or not, tall or not, a short haircut or her long hair. The main thing - to be herself (corny, is not it? But we all agree this is the case). Third, a woman must be her alone inherent charm and style. Without it - anywhere! And the beauty and charm - it is absolutely different things. Perfect beauty, as it turns out, men only repels. But the charm and style ...

Stylish women like all men without exception (at least the men of our editorial board - for sure!). And style - a self-care. Hair, makeup, clothes ... Everything must be harmonious!

It emphasizes the dignity attracted first.
The naturalness allows you to concentrate on the object of attention.
The style and charm - that captivates finally!

In the evening, I came back each. In the normal state. At this time, our opinions coincided - the love is still there. It just need to find ...
Author: Peter News