Pharmacy cosmetics Lumene LAB
 Lumene LAB - the new segment of the cosmetics brand Lumene, which is positioned as a pharmacy and, accordingly, will be submitted only in pharmacies. We promise a completely new formulations, advanced technology and the latest formula.

The new line of products for skin care Lumene LAB represents a revolutionary approach to the preservation of youthful skin. It is directed at the effect of all the assets of the brand. Lumene LAB uses the development of pharmaceutical concern, knowledge of the expert group, consisting of the leading dermatologists, biologists, chemists and healthy lifestyle, modern technology and most powerful in the world of Arctic natural ingredients to create the most effective means for the fight against aging skin.

 Pharmacy cosmetics Lumene LAB

In line Lumene LAB includes:

Cleaning series:

- Facial wash;
- Moisturizing tonic;
- Cleansing and exfoliating mask scrub;
- A two-phase liquid eye makeup remover.

A series of anti-aging skin (25+) , Which include oil seeds Arctic blackcurrant containing antioxidants and fatty acids omega-3 and -6, and the technology Hydra-Texturizer.

- Day cream;
- Night cream;
- Serum;
- eye cream;
- Day cream with tinted effect.

A series of tools that reduce the signs of aging (40+) , Composed of the juice of berries arctic mountain blueberries (one of the healthiest berries in the world) and complex Structure Supporter, which supports the natural synthesis of the stem cells of the skin and strengthens its protective mechanisms.

- Day cream;
- Night cream;
- Serum;
- eye cream;
- Sunscreen with SPF 30 primer.

All funds have a very delicate and light texture. And:

- Have been dermatologically tested;
- Not contain parabens, synthetic dyes, mineral oils and silicones (!);
- Contain at least 80% natural ingredients;
- Hypoallergenic.

All funds are developed and manufactured in Finland. They promise that the series will be supplemented and updated with new products.

I tried cleaning foam, liquid two-phase makeup remover, serum, eye cream and face a series of 25+. About them and want to share their experiences.

Foam wash

Very nice with a comfortable foam dispenser which when pressed gives abundant and thick foam. It cleans the skin, does not dry, very comfortable and pleasant. It has a slight pleasant scent.

The two-phase liquid eye makeup remover

Also left a positive impression. She copes with water-resistant make-up and does not leave a greasy film.

Eye cream

The cream was very easy, it is practically gel texture. It is instantly absorbed and leaves no film or sticky. Make it falls perfectly. But with some problems, he does not fight, even the basic moisturizing I missed - I'm used to a more dense and rich texture. In the summer it fits well, but in the cold, I would have preferred a more nourishing cream.

 Pharmacy cosmetics Lumene LAB

Face Serum

At serum very beautiful and convenient bottle with dispenser. It has a light, fluid texture and is quickly absorbed. Perfectly moisturizes the skin, it becomes more fresh and smooth. In the summer I get along just it - I quite enough moisture.

Face Cream

Also very easy, but a little thicker and thicker serum. Well it absorbed and moisturizes the skin perfectly. It serves as an excellent base for make-up - it no tonal resources are not falling and fit well.

 Pharmacy cosmetics Lumene LAB

All funds series very pleasant, light aroma, which is felt only when applied.
Author: Catherine K.