Testing foundation Teint Ideal from VICHY
 Brand Lab VICHY provided myCharm.ru test tone fluid Teint Ideal («perfect tone"), for normal and combination skin tone 15 (Ivory, Clair / Ivory).

 Testing foundation Teint Ideal from VICHY

The first thing I did - it has tested the fluid on her hand. Means absorbed in seconds with skin and if merged with it together. The lightest texture - do not feel that the skin is something applied, only the tone was noticeably smoother and skin at the site of the fluid has become very soft and pleasant to the touch.

 Testing foundation Teint Ideal from VICHY
  Testing foundation Teint Ideal from VICHY

No flavor! This may upset those with whom odors in cosmetics play an important role, but we must remember that VICHY - Pharmaceutical brand, which means created, including for people with allergies.

The press release tells us the following information about all the foundation line Teint Ideal (in addition to the fluid for normal and combination skin, there is also the foundation for dry skin and compact powder for all skin types):

 Testing foundation Teint Ideal from VICHY

Innovation means Teint Ideal - technology "liquid light" Which instantly creates a smooth and radiant tone by reflective particles dispersed in a liquid medium. When applied to the skin particles create a smooth, ultraotrazhayuschuyu surface.

In addition, the adjustment means comprises a complex consisting of vitamin C and vitamin E. Both the most positive impact on female beauty:

- Vitamin C   has anti-aging, depigmenting and anti-inflammatory properties, it reduces the amount of sebum.

- Vitamin E   It is a powerful antioxidant that neutralises free radicals and accelerates cell regeneration.

A cream and a fluid containing sunscreen factor SPF 20, and the cream also hyaluronic acid!

Tone Cream will be presented in shades:
15 - Ivory
20 - beige (designed specifically for the Russian!)
25 - sand
45 - Honey

1 - light
2 - Natural
3 - honey

It is time to test the vehicle in a city, and I decided to use a new product before the meeting with a colleague in a crowded mall. I waited two long trips in the subway in rush hour.

After applying the fluid to the face with your fingers, I Feather tool across the surface of the skin a special sponge for greater uniformity. The texture on the face look more closely than on the hand, which, incidentally, is very good in the context of the ensuing autumn chill!

When I got home, and appreciating the face in the mirror, I noticed that the skin remains the same mat as soon as the application agent. Hooray, no greasy T-zone! In short, the use of news I have the most pleasant experience. I recommend!
Author: Anna Shustrova