Testing scrub the scalp!
 The Russian company natural and organic cosmetics Natura Siberica recently released an entire line of vehicles with sea buckthorn Oblepikha Siberica Professional. The line is positioned as a professional, and includes tools for hair, body and face. My attention was drawn to unusual product - Scrub the scalp. About him today and I want to share my impressions.

The basis of the new line Oblepikha Siberica Professional   was captured unique and precious ingredient - Altai buckthorn.

Specialists Natura Siberica   carefully studied the many varieties of sea buckthorn around the world and concluded that the most useful and rich in vital substances - is the Altai sea buckthorn. Due to the harsh climate and severe frosts it has adaptogenic properties, which help us to preserve the beauty. Altai sea buckthorn is one of the best sources of vitamins, essential amino acids and omega 3, 6, 9, and the rare Omega 7, responsible for health and beauty.

 Testing scrub the scalp!

Sea buckthorn scrub the scalp:

• Deeply cleanses the scalp;
• Strengthens the hair follicles;
• Stimulates hair growth;
• Prevents dandruff.

A unique tool for the care of the scalp. Intensive Triple Action Scrub deep cleanses the scalp, prevents hair loss by increasing blood flow to the hair follicles. Regulates the sebaceous glands, eliminates dandruff. The product is suitable for all hair types. Included in the vitamins and amino acids nourish and regenerate the hair, the Altai sea buckthorn oil, and Moroccan oil contribute to the formation of keratin, which provides shine and strength. Calendula, wild mint and sorrel Siberian Yakut revitalizes the scalp and nourish the hair roots.

I have very sensitive skin of the head, and many agents cause itching and flaking. Therefore scrubs I use quite a long time, but the ideal has not yet been found. Sea buckthorn scrub Natura Siberica I really liked.

At first He just divine fragrance - natural sea buckthorn and sea buckthorn jam. By the way, it looks the same. I would like to eat it straight into the bathroom.

 Testing scrub the scalp!

Secondly,   it is very convenient to apply. He is the measure of the liquid, like jelly, spread well on the hair. Consumption his small, it is a little foam. Particles of a good scrub your skin, but do not scratch it. He washed off too great, unlike some scrubs that wash out of the hair is simply unrealistic.

Third,   effect. He is. The scalp is just beginning to breathe. No flaking, dandruff, itching. Hair then stay clean longer - they have to wash a little less.

Overall, I am very happy and want to try something else from the line Oblepikha Siberica Professional. I am glad that the value of all assets is low, and the composition - is excellent.
Author: Catherine K.