Beauty novelties - 2010, not to be missed
 Meet the 2010-th! Astrologers believe that this year is sure to bring someone to love and someone - rise through the ranks. And certainly in our beauticians will news that we look forward to. After all, every year brings significant improvements and original ideas in the field of cosmetic products. What to expect in this?

It is believed that the cosmetics in the New Year will be more simple, understandable and natural composition. This - the main trend. We wait and see, as they say. Although there are also diametrically opposed to the proposition that, for example, anti-age products are complicated even more innovative formulas and unique scientific developments. Perhaps one another and do not interfere with?

But anyway, it is in the world of cosmetics and perfumes events that can already be predicted. And maybe some of them will be included in our next list of the most significant new products in 2010. Incidentally, the list of the best cosmetics of the past year, we have already published, and if you have not had time to get acquainted with our choice and the choice of our readers, go to the page with this material.

And now - to the point. Beauty novelties - 2010, not to be missed

The new line of cosmetics

• Burberry is launching its own line of cosmetics. This has already been a lot written and including us (read the news here). Recall that will do something big. In July 2010, there will be about 100 names of products in traditional checkered boxes: means for eyes, lips and facial skin care.

 Beauty novelties - 2010, not to be missed

• Topshop also announces the launch of its own makeup products, it is expected to premiere in the spring of 2010. Details are a bit, only know that the basis of the collection will make products for eyes, lips and nails for the price of 5 pounds (5, 7 euros), and the line is scheduled to update 4 times a year.

 Beauty novelties - 2010, not to be missed

• Lancôme plans to allocate their famous lip gloss with natural honey in a separate line. It will be marked by the 10th anniversary of the luster. We expect a new line of Juicy Tubes lip glosses as part of a new range of 100% Natural Origins.

• Kate Moss is planning to release its cosmetics. Details are not yet known.

 Beauty novelties - 2010, not to be missed

New fragrances from celebrities 2010

The phrase "You can not grasp the immensity" of course, is the most suitable. News about new launches and "will hear and" almost every day ... We outline only the premiere, which, in our opinion, can actually be interesting and even a milestone in this mysterious and unpredictable world of perfumery.

• Finally, in February, will be released a new fragrance by Balenciaga, which is the French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg (read the announcement of flavor here).

 Beauty novelties - 2010, not to be missed

 Beauty novelties - 2010, not to be missed
   • Beyonce also launches its first scent called Heat, it will happen in February 2010 in the Americas (North and South), and later the novelty will move in Europe (more info here).

 Beauty novelties - 2010, not to be missed
   • Sarah Jessica Parker in February next surprise fragrance under its own label. He will be called «SJP NYC», we wrote about waiting, read.

• Fergie in collaboration with Avon launches its fragrance in August premiere. After the flavor of Reese Witherspoon, this new product will be one of the most important at Avon.

• The aroma of Evgeni Plushenko and Oriflame is also not to be missed. If you remember, last year brought us aromas from Dima Bilan and the Swedish cosmetics company. And the prime minister has been named one of the most notable. Oriflame is now planning to strike again in our hearts, but men's novelty from the famous skater Glacier Ice by Evgeni Plushenko from Oriflame. The premiere is scheduled for February, it's time for gifts to our loved ones, is not it? Read the detailed description of the new items on our site.

 Beauty novelties - 2010, not to be missed

 Beauty novelties - 2010, not to be missed
   • Eva Longoria is already preparing its first fragrance EVA for release in April 2010. This, too, we have a note.

• There are rumors that Angelina Jolie will get their own spirits.

• Gwen Stefani is set to release a limited collection of fragrances Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties, consisting of five fragrances. Basic details here.

 Beauty novelties - 2010, not to be missed

• «Pure Orchid» by Hali Berry.

• The first fragrance from singer Shakira Shakira.

 Beauty novelties - 2010, not to be missed
   • Jennifer Lopez never ceases to please their fans, as well as its financial advisors, releasing each time only commercially successful projects. Upcoming events: in February 2010, a new version of «Glow» - «Blue Glow by JLO» (read the full announcement from us).

More news perfume 2010

• Marc Jacobs, after their successful innovations of the year Daisy and Lola, is preparing to release a collection of fragrances, which inspired the creation of the French traditional scents: apple, pomegranate, biscuit ... Already in early 2010, will be able to try it!

• In March, waiting for an updated flavor «Jeanne» by Lanvin, the new version will be called «Jeanne La Rose» and has already named the most romantic reset year. The novelty will cost 58 euros.

• In 2010, are also expected premiere: Sean John «Empress», the debut fragrance «Swarovski», male and female Burberry «Sport», Van Cleef & Arpels will launch in September, its first fragrance for men ... Very, very many novelties awaits us, and particularly fruitful for them will be in February 2010.

• The president of the famous shoe brand Jimmy Choo, Tamara Mellon announces the launch of the first fragrance from the brand next year (that's the news about this on our website).

 Beauty novelties - 2010, not to be missed

Other premieres - 2010

• The famous American dancer and outrageous burlesque Dita Von Teese, who concurrently More messenger MAC cosmetics line and Viva Glam, announced in the coming year, the output of their own book about beauty and style. It will be interesting to read!

• Jessica Simpson, American singer and actress, is launching a new series of reality TV show called The Price of Beauty (Price of beauty), in which she tries to find out "what people find beautiful and why", the program goes to the next year on the channel VH1.

The near future

The near future - it is certainly the spring collection of makeup products from brands. Some come from the beginning of January. But most can be expected in late January and February 2010.

 Beauty novelties - 2010, not to be missed
   January's world premieres will appoint collections: Givenchy New Impressions, MAC Lillyland, All Ages All Races All Sexes from MAC Cosmetics, Impressions Makeup Collection from Chanel, Boudoir Look by Dior, Estée Lauder Michael Kors Very Hollywood Color Collection, O My Rose Collection by Lancome , Paris Passion of Yves Saint Laurent, Spring-2010 by Giorgio Armani, Spring / Summer-2010 by Shu Uemura, Cherry Blossom by Guerlain, will spring collection by NARS, Bobbi Brown, others.

 Beauty novelties - 2010, not to be missed
   In February 2010 the collection Spring-forward from The Body Shop, are launching Cabana Corals from Bobbi Brown, Cotton Flower by Clarins, Spring Colour Forecast Collection from MAC Cosmetics, other.

We have all these collections have also written, so - look for information in the "News" on the site.

Great New Year to you and the good news all over!
Author: Julia Gnedina