Makeup Trends - Fall 2009
 What we like most about the changing seasons? The changing beauty of nature? A new opportunity to change your life for the better? Or maybe a new collection of fashionable clothes and accessories? Or new trends in makeup, hair and fashion? Perhaps, in some way it all at once.

Large cosmetic companies for each season represent a new line of decorative cosmetics. Some trends are already represented on the podium, and now they will be included in the daily "wardrobe" fashionistas. Renowned makeup artist Brett Freedman shared his ideas, what will be trendy in makeup autumn 2009.

Bronze eye:   This season, the rage is a rich bronze color. This is a neutral shade for everybody, but at the same time allows you to create an interesting and unusual way. To create a bright make-up, use the rich bronze eye shadow, but for softer and everyday - warm shades of beige. In addition, women with fair skin should refrain from dark brown color, and if you have dark skin, then you are ideal copper shades.

Golden girl:   Continuing the "metal" theme, we draw your attention to a golden color. Gold eyeshadow look very impressive. However, Friedman advises choosing vanilla and golden hue and avoid yellow-gold, which looks too vulgar.

Unnatural:   "Play with colors!" - Brett Friedman calls. It recommends lavender, plum, and very dark shades of lipstick. They will be at the height of fashion this season.

Color ink:   Tint Mascara - another trendy trend autumn. Are you afraid that the image will be too in the spirit of the 80s? On this Brett says that modern color ink based on black, so it is very subtle shades. Color is not evident, but rather creates a sense of his presence.
Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina