New trend: in all splendor
 The main trend of the festive make-up of 2009 - of course, sparkling and sparkling products. Luster is needed in everything, and moved to this virtually impossible. After all, New Year's Eve: whether the party with friends or a family holiday at the tree - a time when you can safely experiment and suddenly become bright. New Year's Eve, after all! In addition, the astrologers also insist on the brilliance of the image in the New Year, after 2010-th - the year of the Metal Tiger!

Let's try to embody the idea of ​​full radiance. And find great ideas and products in every sense of the word. By the way, do not go away, we had, had only otsmotret again holiday-make-up collection of favorite brands.

Shining from the inside

To skin shone, not enough to make up. Here's how the idea of ​​offering a well-known nutritionist Joy Bauer. He has developed a unique recipe. This is - this vitamin breakthrough for the face, after which you'll be just adorable, and the skin will shine from within. Do not believe? In vain, because the cocktail contains vitamins C and E, beta carotene, selenium and omega-3 fats. Thus, the ingredients:

• 2 cold orange, peeled and cut
• 1/2 of cold sliced ​​mango
• 1/2 cup sliced ​​frozen strawberries
• 1 medium carrot, peeled and chopped
• 1/2 cup of chilled fat-free yogurt
• 2 tablespoons wheat germ
• 2 tablespoons of flaxseed
• 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
• 1 tablespoon sugar

Place all ingredients in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth. All - cocktail for radiance and youthful skin is ready. Author cocktail claims that this rapid means of suitable just for cases when it is necessary to urgently bring the complexion in order. "You just do not know your shining face! "- Says Joy Bauer. Well, it is possible to check.

Shining skin

This effect is promising many modern products. And night and day. As the night a means of ensuring a full recovery, and gives light, take a look at the new generation serums. As a rule, the morning after their application you can check almost immediate effect rested and radiant skin.

 New trend: in all splendor
Our selection: Serum Collagenist Pore Genius Serum by Helena Rubinstein and renovation Serum Advanced Night Repair by Estee Lauder. By the way, sera from Estee Lauder, while providing anti-aging effects, but is also suitable for young girls.

Radiance Body

The body, too, will shine! And help him in this wonderful products. Matting powder for the body with pearl particles, as well as shower gels, giving radiance. Look for them. Almost all brands - available from mass market to luxury - have similar offers.

 New trend: in all splendor
We liked: shiny face and body treatments Sothys, powder Shimmering Powder from Pupa.

Thanks to the brilliance of Sothys you will shine on all holiday parties! A glowing powder-spray Pupa with a pleasant scent for the skin and hair in a bottle with a pump forms a seductive vintage sequins.

Radiance Face

An obligatory element of the New Year's make-up should be a shining powder and blush with sparkling particles. Most often, these products are composed of minerals, so that care and protection for the holidays you will also be provided.

 New trend: in all splendor
We have chosen: compact powder Météorites Voyage Impérial by Guerlain collection of Christmas Imperiale Makeup Collection and Gold Dust Gold Attraction Face Palette festive collection of Palazzo d'Oro by Clarins.

Gold Dust is a kaleidoscope of matte and glossy particles of different colors and highlights the face with a thin sparkling golden light. A compact powder by Guerlain - a real masterpiece of the brand. Balls like compressed into crystals of a different color from pearl to saturated pink, shades of perfectly mixed together, fit perfectly on the skin, forming a light shining veil.

Shining eyelashes

There are two great solutions. Both are possible, perhaps, only in this magical night. So if you've always wanted to try it, but were afraid to look ridiculous, the time has come. Only in the New Year's holidays "Aunt tree" we have one, and it certainly does not apply to you.

• Solution one. Gold or silver ink. Incidentally, this ink have several brands in the Christmas Collection. Just one piece of advice from make-up artists: Apply mascara on the tips of the lashes, then look will be very natural, as if in a blaze of highlights from the carcass.

 New trend: in all splendor
We have selected: Ink Ôscillation from Lancome (this is the famous vibrotush that for the holidays was not only black, but silver and gold), two-color ink from a New Year make-up collection by Oriflame Beauty.

The ideal solution - of course, two-color ink: one side covers the eyelashes with a saturated black, the other - gives tips silvery or golden glow.

• Solution two. False eyelashes. These are available with sequins, feathers, gold-plated ... You can find them in every store, but if you really want, then find something like that is possible. Incidentally, you can try to do something, and most, if there is the usual set of false eyelashes.

 New trend: in all splendor

 New trend: in all splendor
We have chosen this: a collection of false eyelashes handmade from Shu Uemura and the collection of false eyelashes with crystals and pearls from Illamasqwa.

About false eyelashes from Shu Uemura I want to say separately. They - of limited edition Gold Glam Leaf Premium Lashes. This model invented by talented Japanese make-up artist and art director of brand Yuchide Kakuyashi, and they are made of these veins from the leaves bathed in a shimmering gold dye and decorated with attractive transparent crystals. Handmade!

Radiance Eye

New collection of brands offered a huge variety of brilliant eye liners, podvodok with shimmering particles and shadows with pearl and metallic glow. The choice is really impressive.

 New trend: in all splendor
Our selection of liners for the eyes: liquid eyeliner Style Liner by Dior new shade Sparkling Purple (purple with sparkles) from the collection of New Look Noёl 2009 ships Shimmer Liquid Eyeliner from the Christmas collection Glam Evolution from Make Up Factory, liquid eyeliner Glam Stars Liquid Eye Liner of New Year collection Glamour Noblesse Collection by Artdeco.

 New trend: in all splendor

 New trend: in all splendor
Our selection of shades for a Christmas party: Baked mono shade Luminys by Pupa with tinting pearls Four-paletka eyeshadow Beauty Box Quattro Glam Stars from Artdeco with luminous shades in exquisite baroque box.

And the eye can come up and something else. Eyebrows may also add luster. Ask your makeup artist, most likely it will be able to do something like that you offer.

 New trend: in all splendor

Lip Shine

Lip Gloss - is the product that is a priori set to shine and sparkle. Therefore, without a brilliant make-up will be incomplete. The more shine and volume gives your brilliance - the better. Finally, came the high point for your brilliance that seemed to you too mirrored office. Color can be any, but a win-win - natural pink.

 New trend: in all splendor
We have chosen: Lip Gloss Givenchy collection of Christmas Les Poetiques, lip gloss Sparkling Gloss by Pupa.

You prefer to make a cold silver glow? Lips may also be such that, for example, by means of such a silver luster like Givenchy. And in the glare of the Pupa - Golden Pearl, providing sensual volume and supersiyayuschy light.

If shines - this is not your story, then lipstick make-up in the New Year will be at least a radiant touch image. We chose a lipstick with clear sparkling particles, they seemed to us the most compelling in its splendor.

 New trend: in all splendor
We have chosen: Lipstick Joli Rouge Perfect Shine Sheer Lipstick by Clarins crystalline colors and Shimmer Lip Stick Collection of Christmas Glam Evolution from Make Up Factory.

Shining Nails

Be sure to add that festive touch to your look. Luck can be a purely metallic shade, and can be colored with the addition of sequins. The options, as you know, mass.

 New trend: in all splendor
We recommend: Nail polish Vernis from Dior (shades Rosé Boréal - delicate pink color, filled with sequins and Silver Purple - shiny metallic and bright purple color), the brilliant nail polish from Artdeco.

Light always shine everywhere! - The poet said ... What? Great slogan for the New Year's parties. Make-up with elements glow just make you the center of attention and eliminate the kind of pale and tired - it's going to have to celebrate all night, and even a few nights. Sparks and shine refresh, cheer up and make you unique. And it is probably the only night of the year, when too carried away with sparkling makeup products only recommended.
Author: Julia Gnedina