Jewelry Trends - Summer 2009: Beads made of wood and a lot of colored stones
 What we are pleased with the jewelers in this season? What ornaments allude to his friend? What is especially important, and about what can be a time to forget.

All the colors of the rainbow
The main difference between modern jewelry - is that they color! And not only by colored stones. The metal also becomes colored. Gold was the color: is white, yellow, pink, red and even green. Metal Matira paint and even "sostarivayut", which gives the complementary color. Even now also colored diamonds! There are blue, pink, yellow, black ... The same can be said about the pearls, which is especially important this year. On the one hand, it allows decorations play a big role in the decision image. And on the other - it imposes on us a big commitment, because all this magnificence should be able to mix and present.

What color in jewelry to pay special attention to this summer?

Black and white.   This classic combination this summer reached the new modern materials: plastic, glass, and a special technique in the treatment of metal, which is as a "sostarivayut" (sometimes it looks like the charred pieces of metal), and thus the metal becomes too black and white.

 Jewelry Trends - Summer 2009: Beads made of wood and a lot of colored stones

Christian Lacroix, Chanel, Roberto Cavalli, Alberta Ferretti.

Coral and yellow.   Inspiration jewelers get this season from India. Traditional Indian glass beads these shades as topical as ever. Large yellow stones - Unlike this season.

 Jewelry Trends - Summer 2009: Beads made of wood and a lot of colored stones

  Emilio Pucci, Bottega Veneta, Ralph Lauren, Roberto Cavalli.

Green amazonite and translucent turquoise.   This is - cool shades this summer. Things with one stone - it's a bit out of date now stones must be slightly different and better.

Minimalism? No, this year

If we talk about the most popular form, it can be divided into three main areas. Necklaces, bracelets and necklaces. Especially bracelets, what distinguishes the upcoming season.

 Jewelry Trends - Summer 2009: Beads made of wood and a lot of colored stones

Large necklaces

 Jewelry Trends - Summer 2009: Beads made of wood and a lot of colored stones

Large massive bracelets

That is to say that all the fancy decorations should work very well with the clothes, to emphasize it, which is quite a difficult task. For clothes in fashion now, too multi-layered and multi-colored. Rings and earrings is not the kind of attention. However, it is still quite popular and fashionable long pendant earrings shaped like chandeliers. This season, they have to include the active color. And if the ring - the only large and colorful.
No minimalism! This jewelry does not have to be much, but large they should be.

 Jewelry Trends - Summer 2009: Beads made of wood and a lot of colored stones

Christian Dior, Giambattista Valli, Christian Lacroix, Valentino.

What metal is in fashion

Of course, gold. Three years ago, were in vogue only white alloys, now back in vogue the traditional yellow gold. But everyone understands that this metal can not the average woman. So many brands are turning their attention to the latest technology of gilding. Quality is often what gives a lifetime warranty on the coating. Moreover, the coating can be of any color from white to the color of chocolate. Finally, new technologies allow women to have the type of real gold without spending: it is clear that things are much cheaper than pure gold.

Silver continues to be popular. Its color and texture are still relevant. But, the truth is now more and more jewelers are paying attention to stainless steel. The fact that the price of silver in recent years are extremely unstable, and often run up and stainless steel - it's always more available, also beautiful and stylish.

Ethnic motives

They are always in fashion, only a greater or lesser extent. In 2009 - it is India, Africa sometimes. Using unusual materials proof. Here are the key trends this year, among the materials:
• Beads
• large wooden beads
• colored thread necklaces
• painted metal
• the effect of the old metal
• pearls: a wide palette of colors - in addition to the traditional ivory Choose color: pale peach, pink, gold, champagne, bronze, chocolate, gray and black
• Large pendants ethnic designs, decorated with beads and natural stones: tiger's eye, lapis and onyx.

 Jewelry Trends - Summer 2009: Beads made of wood and a lot of colored stones

Anna Sui, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana.

And where are the diamonds?

We note that, in the latest trends no room diamonds? They are, they will always be. But, fortunately, not on the podium. These are things "eternal", which are always in fashion. Most things in a single copy. But they can afford to allow the unit, so it is impossible diamond and platinum, for example, be attributed to trends. It is rather a discreet charm of the bourgeoisie, and it is less than modest, the better the feeling the owner. And my advice to those who follow the style, fashion and art, investing money in it, but not so large that can be fed throughout the year a small country.

How to wear jewelry this season:

Mixing styles, textures, colors, materials.   Do not be afraid to wear both metals of different colors to combine gold with steel and diamonds with crystals - it is no longer a bad taste, and the manifestation of personality. This season the mix plastic with metal and glass with wood.

The mix of expensive and inexpensive things.   The ability to mix pretty luxury brands with popular inexpensive brands is very valuable at this time. If you have expensive jewelry, do not be afraid to mix them with the inexpensive but high quality and stylish decorations.

Some practical tips on how and what to buy:

• If you are on a budget, looking for cheap analogues among jewelry. If you are a jewelry as a finishing touch of style, the main form and texture, rather than price. Modern fashion is democratic enough, especially given the trend towards low-cost materials in jewelry. So, take a look at the show Lacroix some bold thing, it is likely that something similar can be found at flea bazaars or shops with souvenirs.

• If you need to complete the image of some one original, for example, the ethnic thing, check back often in art galleries. Often you can find there are many suitable and individual things.

• Buy jewelry yourself, and if you are accustomed to getting yuvelirku as a gift, the transparent hint to its donor specifically what you need. Still Decoration - a continuation of the suit and not good if you have to wear something that does not really match with your style.
Author: Julia Gnedina