Nail polish - the latest trends
 Once the fashion included a French manicure, most fashionistas with a sigh of relief. And immediately instruct the dressing locker few puzyrechki white, colorless and darker shade of varnish. That's basically it. French manicure is suitable for every outfit, so almost no one did not change the color of the nails on any other. Such neglect "french" to himself, of course, could not resist and gradually ceased to admire the surrounding and its owner happy.

Very good reason, by the way, many give little importance to their nails. Even in the work of Pushkin's "Eugene Onegin" and did not miss this part of the toilet: "Be sensible person can think about the beauty of nails." And you think about it? Yes? Then take a pen and write what colors are most relevant in this season.

The most important thing that you should remember - is that unlike previous seasons, the color of toenails and hands may not be the same! On the contrary, on the feet, it can be darker and lighter on the hands.

The first group refers to the varnish "holiday style". The second season in a row at the height of fashion is a popular yellow. And all because the sun, our skin becomes rich brown hue. Yellow it only highlights. Along with him, also remains blue, light green and lilac. In general, all the colors of the beach.

 Nail polish - the latest trends

All also hold strong positions delicate shades of color - pink, peach, flesh color (clothes, for example, is generally the most squeak in colors), pearlescent and other.

 Nail polish - the latest trends

Well, for those who like to stand out - the last representatives of the "fashionable lacquer brother" - bright shades. There is no limit to fantasy - red, purple, orange, purple, blue.

 Nail polish - the latest trends

But to choose the right shade of nail polish - it is half the battle. After buying it yet to be applied to the nails. While correctly. You say, and how you can do wrong - he took a brush and smeared? It turns out you can. Professionals recommend to do everything step by step. And in general, it is desirable to give this at least half an hour of free time.
  1. Special alignment-treated nail (if you have not known for a smooth surface) from all kinds of grooves and rough edges.

  2. Then cover with a layer of the nail, or a special protective mineral foundation (so it does not spoil) or the usual colorless varnish.

  3. Allow to dry the first layer.

  4. Then apply the basic tone - dunks brush in a vial, pull out, get rid of the surplus, leading brush on the neck. The nail paint from the middle, and then go to the sidewalls.

  5. When the first coat has dried, applied repeatedly for greater color saturation.

  6. The final stage - once again paint the nails with varnish (for a glossy effect) or apply a special fixing means.

  7. Ten minutes and do nothing handles to give your nails dry and smudge.

I think you do not need to remind you about the constant sanitary manicure (cutting nails, cleaning). And cuticle (the skin around the nail). In this way your hands will look well-groomed and nails - healthy.
Author: Larisa Trishkina