Barefoot summer my ...
 The whole earth is warmed by heat,
And there I am running barefoot ...
(I. Reznik, A. Pugacheva "Starry Summer")

Indeed, when run on a warm and soft ground, grass, sand and pebbles - but in the summer? That's great, and incredibly nice! The natural foot massage when walking barefoot on the entire body has a profound effect, and feet to themselves is very useful lesson. Walking barefoot increases stress that even a half-hour walk able to remove the internal stress, rejuvenate the body. Walking barefoot normalizes blood pressure, hormone metabolism, and even reduces thirst and sweating on a hot day.

Pros bosohozhdenie

- Firstly, solid and embossed surfaces for bare feet - excellent prevention flatfoot.

- Second, when walking barefoot stimulates the blood circulation of the lower extremities, increases the elasticity of blood vessels, which is the best prevention of varicose veins and many other diseases.

- Small stones and unevenness, possibly causing inconvenience, but massage active points of your foot. One hour of walking barefoot is approximately three hours of massage.

Where to go, when and how much?

 Barefoot summer my ...
   The question everyone decides for himself. There, and in the numbers gaining more and more supporters in different countries, a movement that was promoting regular walking barefoot in any environment, including on the streets, in public places, at work and so on. D. - Anytime, anywhere! It called this phenomenon barefuting   (Eng. barefooting), and its representatives call themselves barefuterami. But let's not rush to extremes, I think, walk barefoot through the muddy, zaplёvannomu sidewalk of the big city - a dubious pleasure, and public transport to be without shoes, especially during rush hour, a suicide.

Indeed, the constant high heels deform the foot, causing bending of the thumb, a negative effect on the spine, provoke insomnia, headaches, angina - but still it is not a reason to completely give up the shoes. Just shoes should be selected more carefully, well, give the legs a rest as much as possible from it, when and where it's nice and appropriate.

Even 15-20 minutes a day walking without shoes will give a positive effect. But to get the maximum health benefits, you need to walk barefoot on the ground, or other natural cover at least three hours.

Parks, lawns

In many countries, such as Germany, Belgium, Holland, Hungary, there are special "barefoot" parks that are designed specifically for walking barefoot. In these parks experts designed and built special routes with different types of soils, paths and pavements. After all, different soil has different effects on the nervous system. Sharp on the temperature and tactile stimulation of his species, such as, - the hot asphalt or sand, slag, pine needles and cones - are exciting. A warm sand, soft grass, road dust, causing a mild inhibitory process, on the other hand - reassuringly. Uneven ground, wet or dewy grass, excite the nervous system sparingly, giving an average impact.

And, of course, in special parks staff ensures clean, there are no broken bottles, nails and other "surprises", lie in wait for their victims in unsuitable for bosohozhdenie sitting areas. So, in our reality is safest to walk on the grass on a manicured lawn own site. In fact, in his summer cottage, if you wish, you can make the tracks of different materials: concrete, grass, sand, fine gravel - and create a great environment for bosohozhdenie.

On the sea

 Barefoot summer my ...
   Sea Resort - is the best place for long walking barefoot. Firstly, it is nice. Sea sand (dry and wet), or small pebbles in the surf zone, small shells - walk barefoot on these surfaces, especially in the morning or at sunset, deliver untold pleasure and tremendous health benefits. Here and foot massage, and sea water, and inhalation of sea air ...

Well, and secondly, at the resorts, in addition to the beaches, are normally present and well-maintained parks with grass lawns, which are usually allowed to walk barefoot, and sand and asphalt paths and paving tiles of various kinds. Yes, and the kind lady barefoot in places usually does not cause unnecessary hype.

So for your stay you will be able to strengthen the immune system a good idea, to develop the muscles of the plantar surface of the muscle and holding arch, strengthen tendons and ligaments, improve the shape of the feet.

At home

Slippers - a thing, of course, nice, but you must take into account the fact that these shoes create Foot constant comfortable climate, but the function of biologically active points on the foot because of the decrease. As a result, a permanent location in the "hothouse" conditions, even a slight cooling of the feet can, on occasion, cause colds.

Try to give up the house slippers, walking barefoot on the wooden floor, parquet, carpets and mats - it is useful, but when you get used, even pleasant. Perhaps the only coverage in our apartments and houses, in which you should not walk barefoot - a tile. The cold tile floor can cause hypothermia feet, which in turn can cause cystitis. Worse than the cold tiled floor ... Only the heated tile floor! Especially for women. Experts believe that the warm floor interferes with the normal circulation provokes an exacerbation of gynecological diseases and varicose veins.

To purchase a massage foot massage mat with rubber spikes and bulges - 15-20 minutes a day trample on it enough to affect the active points. In the bathroom, you can make a walk "on a mountain stream." Often we bring summer holiday pebbles sea pebbles. Sometimes the house accumulated quite a decent amount of souvenirs. If you fill in the bottom of the tub or separate baths such stones, let the cold water and to walk through these stones, you will surely get a good health effect, enough to make 100 steps.

After a walk

 Barefoot summer my ...
   After a walk barefoot feet, open the wind, sun and dust, require careful maintenance. Average washing with soap and water may not be enough, it is helpful to rub a pumice stone or foot brush, do a cleansing, toning and softening foot bath. Adding in a tray of different teas medicinal herbs or essential oils, it is possible to achieve different results. Herbs for baths pre-brewing, 1-2 tablespoons per cup of boiling water, leave the lid for 20-30 minutes, strain and pour into the tub. Essential oils are used in conjunction with salt (preferably sea), and soda. I drip a few drops of essential oil to salt, and then dissolve it in water, was added thereto and soda.

For disinfection use calendula, chamomile, juniper essential oil, for freshness - mint and nettles for softness - a linden, chamomile. Healthy legs do the bath of herbs. After the bath to wipe his feet and causes a suitable cream.

So, walking without shoes - it means to protect themselves from flat feet, varicose veins, diseases of the nerves, joints and even many illnesses. Well, among other things, walking barefoot and helpful in terms of cosmetology. During the walk there is a natural exfoliating feet. Removes dead skin cells themselves disappear diaper rash on the skin between the toes, increases skin resistance to fungi

So, as soon as possible - reset the shoes and sandals and barefoot on grass, sand, gravel!
Author: Olga Travleeva