Black Queen of our forests
 On the huge benefits of this queen among the berries, you can talk endlessly, but I want to share with you a recipe that passed me by inheritance from my grandmother and mother, and now I am happy to continue to use and great to introduce them to the life of my family.

End of July, beginning of August - the best time for harvesting blueberries: berries ripen fully, has accumulated a maximum number of useful properties, solar energy. On a variety of essential human vitamins and active trace blueberries with dignity placed on a pedestal among the plants champions: manganese, potassium, iron, copper, sulfur, phosphorus, chromium, selenium, zinc, carotene (vitamin A), vitamin B complex, vitamin C and PP, pectin, tanning agents and essential oils. The unique composition of essential organic acids largely determines the therapeutic properties of blueberry: lactic, malic, succinic, citric, oxalic and quinic acid contained not only in its berries, but also in leaves.

Currently, manufacturers of medicines and dietary supplements offer a variety of products based on blueberries, but still I prefer a natural product!

  Berry can prepare for the future without subjecting it to heat treatment. The maximum all useful properties. Here are some of the recipes save berries:

1. grinds of fresh berries with sugar in a ratio of 1 kg of sugar per 1 kg of berries. Pours the mixture into a dry glass jars, leaving a blank space at the top of the banks is about 2 cm. I put on crushed berry circle the appropriate size of the parchment paper and poured sugar remaining space in the bank. Such manipulation would not allow the product to penetrate into the mold, so I keep in a cool place, not only blueberries and currants, cranberries.

2. pour dry whole intact berries with sugar (about 1-1, 2 kg of sugar per 1 kg of berries) and store in a cool place in glass jars.

3. I dry the berries in the sun (covering gauze) in a special dryer or oven cooker.

So, we have a tasty and healthy bars for strengthening and, if necessary, to treat the body and blueberries:
-svezhaya berry;
-sushenaya berry;
-Berries, canned using sugar;
-Quickly frozen berries;
-list blueberries.

 Black Queen of our forests

Blueberries - is, above all, very tasty, but it will focus on its mineral properties and a recipe that I use for many years.

With regular use blueberries significantly improved memory, brain activity, improves mental ability. To feel the effect, you need to eat at least 50 grams of fruit a day, at least during the summer season. And best of all - a tasty blueberry jelly, juice, jam and berries, mashed with sugar, all year round. It is no accident blueberries - mandatory product menu astronauts. Tasty and healthy!

One of the major beneficial properties of blueberries - a beneficial effect on the human digestive system , Berry helps to normalize digestion. Methods of application for diarrhea and constipation are distinguished:
- Constipation should eat fresh berries, but it is worth considering that, due to the high content of acids in the berries need to be careful for people suffering from gastritis with high acidity;
  - Diarrhea (infectious nature) well dried berries help - their eating, chewing carefully. You can prepare a decoction of dried berries.

It is also used for diarrhea blueberry liqueur made from fresh berries: 100-150 grams of fruit quality pour vodka and insist at least 20 days. The longer infused berries, the better.

When indigestion used small doses of tincture: 10-15 drops on a piece of sugar. If severe diarrhea, the dose was increased to 1 teaspoon of tincture diluted in fifty grams of warm water Take tincture every need
  8-10 hours until symptoms disappear disease.

Blueberries in any form is used for the prevention of cardiovascular disease, thrombosis   - Due to the content of antioxidants and substances, blood thinners. Scientists have shown that blueberries - the richest natural source of anthocyanidins, the strongest antioxidants, which prevent the formation of free radicals, thereby prolonging youth body.

Blueberries - a great tool detoxification . Juice or blueberries combined with milk - a favorite food of my childhood. Due to high content of pectin and absorption properties of the milk in the use of the mixture from the body very rapidly salts of heavy metals, toxins, radionuclides.

Blueberries indispensable to our eyes   - It promotes the regeneration of cells of the retina, improves circulation, visual acuity. Each season, I make eye drops with fresh blueberries as follows:
4-5 large ripe blueberries put in gauze, folded in several layers, squeeze the juice from the berries. Dilute juice mixed with distilled (or boiling) water and dripping 2-3 drops in each eye two times a day. Every day you need to cook fresh drop. Sometimes the eye can pinch, but it quickly passes. After the first course in 10 days, I noticed the effect: fades "vagueness" fatigue. Besides - this is an excellent prevention of cataracts and glaucoma.

• Due to the content in blueberries zinc and selenium - a excellent means for normalizing the hormonal balance in the body, especially for women . Bilberry also helps reduce blood sugar, used in the treatment of diabetes.

• Infusions and decoctions of the leaves of bilberry are used colds, headaches, coughs . Dried leaves of blueberries I add herbal teas to enhance immunity.

Would you like to be young, healthy and beautiful - lean on this wonderful berry delicious!
Author: Galina Kruglik