This attack as conjunctivitis can happen to any of us at any time of the year. But in the spring often happens allergic conjunctivitis. And in summer the eyes are often inflamed due to the fact that we do not wear sunglasses in them gets an excess of sunlight and the wind pushes the dust.

And yet many people have the habit of touching your face, particularly to the eyes, hands. This is done in any case it is impossible not to bring in dirt and eye infections as bacteria and fungi.

The conjunctiva   - Very thin transparent tissue covering the eye from the outside. It protects the eyes from foreign bodies and microorganisms.

Conjunctivitis sick adults and children. The diagnosis of "conjunctivitis", of course, must determine Ophthalmologist after examination of the patient. Most often conjunctivitis occurs first in one eye, so you need to strictly observe the rules of hygiene, ill and not to the other eye.

And you have to try not to infect household. To do this periodically wash your hands, use a personal towel, sleeping alone. Take the sick, to avoid infecting colleagues at work, and those people that will ride with you in transportation. You can not go to the pool and to engage in physical activity.

Conjunctivitis can be acute or chronic.

Acute conjunctivitis   arises as to proceeds rapidly and unexpectedly, his eyes suddenly blush, expand, and sometimes even small blood vessels burst, swollen eyelids, watery eyes.

 Chronic conjunctivitis   It develops gradually over time, stale, and usually affects both eyes simultaneously. It is found in 99% of cases in adults. The reason for its occurrence can be tobacco smoke, dust and chemicals in the workplace, metabolic disorders, vitamin deficiency, long sitting in front of a computer without a break, work in low light. The cause of chronic conjunctivitis may be a chronic disease of the nose.

In chronic conjunctivitis is typically itchy, burning sensation in the eye hit the sand, speck, fear of light. In the morning at the inner corner of the eye mucus accumulates in the form of lumps. Experts say that the treatment of conjunctivitis should be started immediately at the first red eyes. Ophthalmologists prescribe ointment, drops, tablets less often.

There folk remedies treatment of conjunctivitis . Some of them:

1. 2 bay leaves Pour 1 cup boiling water. Insist half an hour. Flush eyes with this infusion every hour to two hours. Before going to sleep in the infusion moisten a cotton swab and apply to eyelids.

2. Many conjunctivitis helps conventional welding green tea. Prepare a weak brew, cool to a warm state, dip into it a cotton swab and apply on eyes for 30-40 minutes.

3. Buy the pharmacy chamomile bags, boil, insist 10 minutes, cool and put bags on your eyes for half an hour. The remaining broth to wash the eyes every two hours.

4. Article 1. spoon flowers of cornflower pour 1 cup boiling water, leave for 40 minutes, drain, cool and rinse the infusion of eyes, as often as possible during the day. At night, apply on the eyelids marlechku soaked in the infusion.

5. Boil 1 tbsp. spoon flowers clover 1 cup boiling water, leave for half an hour.
Moisten with broth in a folded several times bintik and attach to inflamed eyes for 30-40 minutes.

6. It is known that calendula is a natural antibiotic, so the infusion of its flowers helps with any conjunctivitis. 1 teaspoon marigold flowers to brew incomplete (up kaёmki) cup of boiling water. Ostuzhennym broth washed eyes every hour, then every two hours. At night, make lotions.

7. No less effectively acts yarrow, which contains tannins and suppresses the infection arose. 1 tbsp. a spoonful of chopped herbs yarrow brew 1 cup of boiling water, leave for half an hour. Flush eyes every 2 hours and make lotions.

8. Traditional healers say get rid of conjunctivitis, and forget about it helps daily eating 1st. tablespoons of fresh or dried blueberries.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva